Monday, September 3, 2007

Braves game cont.

Yet another Braves game but with a twist!

Ok so my boys have become slightly addicted to the Braves, I will admit it. And once again we got to go to the Coke suite, so your asking whats different from the other times I have posted about our Braves games...we got to bring the Davis' this time! YEAH!! Ok so I don't except you all to be as excited as we all were! But the best part was in all the games we have been to the Braves have never won but today they did!! So Ms. Lena is now the good luck charm. I guess Brian and Chris need to look into their own box suite!

OK Cafe!

We went to the OK Cafe today with the Davis'. Brian had heard people talk about it at work. So we decided to try it. The boys got blueberry pancakes. They were big enough to feed my whole family. The kids were excited because we got to sit under the money tree! We had fun trying a new place. We give it an 8 out of 10!

Brian, Brian, Brian!!

Just another Friday night!

Who Knew!

Every morning Hannah's MOOD decides how we fix her hair. Lately she has been wanting two pig tails and then them braided! We don't always have enough time for this. It also doesn't help that her momma is CHALLENGED in the hair department. Hannah has beautiful curly hair that is quit hard to manage. And I have had to learn alot about curly hair in the last couple of years! One day last week the braids came out the best they have ever been. I was so excited and proud. I have told Hannah stories about when I was younger my momma would braid my hair starting at the top and go all the way down. And my momma was GOOD! So when Hannah saw her hair on this morning she said momma this is good like MiMi used to do to you!! We would all like to be as good as our mommas someday and on this day I was!