Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cody's big day with Jesus!

On Sunday my nephew was baptized.
We were so excited that we were going to be able to be there. He was suppose to be baptized in September, but the hurricane changed all of that. I tried to explain to Hannah why this was such a special day in the baby's life.
And at the end of our conversation she said " oh you mean Cody has a big day with Jesus".
Why didn't I think of that??
Thanks Janelle for rescheduling it while we were there!!

Baby Shower Fun!!

Stacey (Jakob's nanny), Kerri (Hannah's nanny) and Toni
Our trip was fast and furious! We got in on Friday evening. Saturday Hannah and I had her nanny's baby shower. We haven't seen Kerri (Hannah's nanny) since she found out she was pregnant, so we were SO EXCITED to see how her belly has grown!
We had a nice day of visiting with everyone and catching up on the Louisiana drama fun!!

Beignets anyone??

Whenever we go back to Louisiana, our first morning there always starts with beignets. Funny thing is, when we lived in Louisiana I rarely ever ate them. They don't fill me up and I'm just not big on them. But now that we don't have them, I miss them. My kids on the other hand, LOVE THEM!!
So we always visit Cafe Du Monde when were in town!!

All about the baby!!

Friday evening when we got in to Louisiana we couldn't wait to see the family. My parents, my brothers, my sister in law and my nephew. OK lets be honest here, it was really all about the baby :)
The last hour of our drive, Hannah talked about nothing but CODY.
How big did we think he was going to be?
Was he going to know who we were?
Was he going to like us?
He is 10 months old baby, it will be fine.....
And as you can see, it was!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Every year my husband tries to make our blessing before our Thanksgiving meal different and unique from the year before. Of course it has some of the same things like, thank you god that we still like each other. And of course my favorite, thank you god for my totally awesome wife she totally rocks!! (yes I'm back to reality now)

This year he really did hit the nail on the head with his prayers. The basics and then a few extras.
We both know how much we have......

We have 3 beautifully delicious children, who are our heart and souls. Brian told me one time, without the 4 of you I'm nothing. And I feel exactly the same way.

We have each other. I know there is not one other person in the world I'd rather be with. The good, the bad and the ugly, he is with me. And believe me people, it definitely can get ugly :)

We have our families. Even being away from some of them, we all still have each other. Having Brian's parents close, is an added bonus!

We have an amazing group of friends, old and new. Our friends from back home and our friends in Georgia, are wonderful. I am especially thankful to have "my girls"!

There is so much in life that I'm thankful for everyday.

The way I feel when my husband pulls up in the driveway.
The way my daughters voice sounds when she tries to whisper things to me, the smile I get from my boys when I say they can light the fire in the fireplace for me.
My dogs greeting me when I walk in the front door.

These everyday little things are what makes our house a home.

And for that, I am eternally thankful!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sweet Little Thoughts

I just had to share this one little Hannah moment....
Yesterday we took the kids and my brother Patrick to Fairview State park by my parents house. The weather was beautiful and we all had a good time.
We were walking on the pier that goes all the way around the park. Hannah kept stopping and looking for her shadow in the water.
Last week we read Peter Pan 3 different times, she said mom remember the way you do Wendy's voice when you say PETER. (It's suppose to be a snobby English voice, so we will just go with that)
Yes I do Hannah and I started to say it.
She looked at me and said mom, when I'm a mom am I going to be able to do the voices like you?
Of course you will, you can do any voices you want.
But will they sound like yours? She said.
Well no, they will sound like you.
Well I'm practicing now, because my children are watching from heaven and I've got to get ready. (The fact that I did not have heart failure right there impressed even me!!)
OK, well you have LOTS of time to practice your voices baby.
She looks at me and says, ya your right, for now I'm just going to look at my shadow.
And off she went skipping down the pier.....
I wish I knew everything that was in her beautiful head.
I love the way their innocent little minds work.
Can someone please tell me how to stop her from growing???

Just A Little Piece

Were back from our fast and furious trip to Louisiana. I have SOOOOO many pictures (I know, hard to believe) and a few cute little stories to share with you all. But for now I'm washing and trying to get my Thanksgiving menu together.
Tomorrow is another day and I will post then.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. And if your traveling this week, stay safe.
And we hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Are You the Gambling Kind??

Were leaving in the morning for Louisiana. Me, my hubby and the kids. Usually this is a trip that just me and the kids make, but Brian has vacation time left to take before the end of the year, so he has decided to tag along with us.

I'm suppose to be packing right now (no Lena, really packing) but instead I'm blogging.

What else is new?

Today I got my oil changed, got my tires rotated and balanced, returned lots of items from one of my 12 visits to Hobby Lobby in 10 days. Have I told you all that I'm addicted to Hobby Lobby?

Focus woman....

Oh yes, I washed about 10 batches of clothes, including sheets. Cleaned my house, some what. Paid bills, mailed bills, went to the bank, the cleaners, Target for snacks. Went to Jakob's award program. Sat in car pool line for 45 minutes and then got 2 kids in to 2 different places on different sides of the city, neither which were late (I'm patting myself on the back for that one) and there arrival times were within 20 minutes of each other.

Yes, maybe I was speeding just a tad :)

Picked up my grandmother (who will be staying at our house to watch our dogs) brought her to the store, came home cooked spaghetti and meatballs, cleaned the kitchen, Brian just left to bring Alex to swim practice and he asked me before he left, have you started to pack yet?

me- What did you ask me?

him- Did you start to pack yet?

my response was, what you just read.

He is already has 1 strike, I can promise you, he will have struck out by midnight tonight.


Another Rock Star!!

Jakob and Peyton (my girlfriend Lena's daughter) were chosen for November Shining Star award for their homeroom classes.

Shining Star is a child who has shown great character in their class room and has had excellent grades also. It's also like the Student on the month award.

Jakob is a great student, in every way. He is a sweet boy who tries to show that you can be outgoing and athletic. But still have good manners and respect for himself and others. He always puts other people's feelings first and tries to help other kids when they need it.

Brian and I are so proud of him, he really is my sweet boy!

Keep on Rockin' Jakey!!

All By Myself!

This picture is from Sunday night. When I got home from the funeral that I had attended, Alex said mom I have something to show you. He pulls out my camera and begins to show me the pictures he had taken of his food.

I made it all myself momma, I put mozzarella cheese on top of my soup and I used 2 different types of cheese on my sandwich. Then I put the bowl on a little plate and put both of them on a big plate. The pictures look better having the small plate on there, it gives it color, he tells me as I stand there looking at this child who can't possibly be my son Alex.

Let's remember people, this is my son, the one who thinks I'm crazy because I take pictures of them sleeping and brushing their teeth.

Doesn't everyone do that???

Yes this is the same child!

As he was telling me all that he did for himself, I just laughed and told him, well where's mine little Emeril?

He was so proud of himself and I LOVE to see them share their proud moments with us or each other.

Of course he says, are you going to put this on the blog? That seems to always be the question, they love when I let them read what I have written about them. Their my little editors :)

I have a feeling he will approve of this one.......

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We Have Carpet, YEA!!!

Our family room is about 75 percent done!! The fireplace and the walls need to be painted and then it will be done!! The carpet looks and feels WONDERFUL!! I'm so glad we didn't do hard woods in this room, we were back and forth on it. And the kids all asked us one day, do we have to put the hard wood in there?? It's not that was our
tie breaker! We are always in this room, it's open to our kitchen and we spend almost all of our time in these 2 rooms. I'm so excited to see this room come alive. When we bought this house, I feel in love with this room. I knew there was so much potential with it's size, the windows, everything. And slowly it is getting it there. Were getting it there. Me and my hubby (with the help of some handy dandy neighbors!). Brian and I really do work well together, sometimes :)