Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Dying Easter Eggs!!

Getting ready for the Easter Bunny!!

Hannah's Birthday!!

Hannah had her 5th birthday in April. She went shopping and had lunch with her maw maw. And she wanted mommas famous blue shell tacos for her dinner. Of course we can't forget about her chocolate cake with white icing and pink,purple and green sprinkles. She is a little woman who knows what she likes. She got her very own pink Game Boy from us. She was just a little excited!!

Monkey Joe's with Baby William!!

We went to this jumping place with some friends on Saturday. My children have called their little boy baby William since he was, well a baby. Now he is turning 3 in May and will be a big brother in August, but they insist his name is still baby William. The kids had a blast. I think the dad's have just as much fun as the kids. Maybe even a little more!!

Our Louisiana Trip!!

More Louisiana !!

The kids and I went back to Louisiana during our Spring Break. It's funny because when I am home in Georgia I forget how comfortable I am in Louisiana. I think within the last year I have begun to be OK with not being there(Louisiana). And we are really happy. But you know you still have your moments. But any how we had a really good visit!! We got to see Mimi and Pawpaw's new house. Mimi gave Hannah an early golden birthday party, which she loved. Alex got to ride on pawpaw's motorcycle. Jakob got to be with Erik. And of course I got my time with my brothers(Billy, Erik and Patrick) and my girls(The Merrick's). Thank you Aunt Stacey and Toni for letting us take over your apartment.When we come back in June we will have all kinds of new houses to see.(Billy & Nell,Aunt Stacey & Kerri and David)We miss you guys and are looking forward to hopefully Brian coming in this time. Patrick and Erik pack your bags I have a pontoon boat waiting for us!!

Alex is a busy man!!

Alex and his Science Olympiad team have been studying for a couple of months for their competition in March. Alex and his partner placed 2nd in their Rock Hound event. And his school took home 2nd and 3rd overall for our county!! One school has never taken home to placements overall before. Alex's team took home the 2nd place overall. Now we head to the State finals in a couple of weeks. And Alex was picked to compete.

Alex also had his Field Day this month. His community was all pumped up. Face paint and all. Of course after we got home I was informed that it wasn't face paint but permanent marker!! Well at least he looks good in blue.

Jakob's Birthday!

Jakob has his 8th birthday in March. We had a nice dinner with family and friends on his day. And the weekend after he had, what else a soccer party and then pizza.

A New Member Of Our Family!!

In March we added to our family. We adopted another dog. Her name is Lola and she is the most laid back puppy I have ever seen. She is a true mutt, they believe she is a mix with Beagle, Boxer and Rottweiler. Her and Iris (our other dog) have become fast friends. Anyone who knows me knows animals have never really been my thing. But these kids have changed their momma. And these two girls have become my 4th and 5th children.

Playing Catch Up!!