Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yummy pork chops!

Okay guys, so my boys said that I had to post tonight about dinner. It wasn't anything fancy, this is one of those throw in a pot and let it cook dinners. Here we go...

I have no title - this is something I made up a long time ago
boneless breakfast cut pork chops( I use 2 packs of pork about 16 chops total)
1 box of beefy onion Lipton soup mix(1 box has 2 envelopes, I use both envelopes)
half a cup of Kitchen Bouquet/ brown n serve
half a cup of finely chopped yellow onion

Brown pork chops, after their all brown, season with black pepper. Cook onions in pan with meat next, for about 3 minutes. Then pour soup mix and kitchen bouquet on top. Bring to a boil turn to low heat, cover and let cook on low for about 30 minutes. We like our meat very tender, that's why I cook it for so long.
I put this over brown rice. Add a side salad or some green beans......YUMMY!!

Happy Cooking!

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