Monday, November 26, 2007

more of the "snow" fall!!

Atlantic Station!

While Toni was here we all went down to Atlantic Station. I have been around it but never went there. It was really cool. They have different kinds of stores and resturants. Right now for the holidays there is a huge tree set up and on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 and 9:00 they make it "snow", its a machine with this foamy stuff. It looks real and the kids thought it was cool. We had dinner down there at the Fox Sports Grill. Everyone had a nice evening.

Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I really love every little piece of it. I get very getty when I find my perfect turkey(26 know how we do!). I love the preparation for cooking and baking. The way my house smells when everything is in the oven. And just seeing my family and friends enjoy a really nice day. That to me is the best holiday ever. This year my girlfriend Toni came in from Louisiana to spend the holiday with us!! We had Ms.C and Mr. J and my grandmother also join us for dinner. It was a wonderfully relaxing day. I think that today I have finally come out of my turkey coma!! All my leftovers are gone!!

Another Dog Bed?!

While I was in Louisiana Brian let our puppy Lola sleep anywhere in the house she wanted. She is crate trained and has never had a problem sleeping in it. Well now she has taken to another place to sleep...our basket in the family room with all of our blankets!!

It's Hard to be a Princess!!

Hannah never seems to stop amusing us. She comes down stairs in some cute little numbers! This is one of my favorites!

Thrashers Game!!

While I was gone Jakob had his end of Baseball party. One of the dads gave each family tickets to a Thrashers Game...HOW COOL! The kids all had a good time. I think they liked harassing the mascot (Thrash) the most.

Hannah's Thanksgiving Play!!

Hannah and I had a nice relaxing trip. As soon as we got home it was full speed ahead! Hannah had her Thanksgiving Play. She was a pilgrim woman....sooo cute. She knew all of her songs and remember her line she had to say 4 times " Mercy Me".

More Louisiana Fun!!

More of Janelle's Shower!

Janelle's Baby Shower!

My sister in law and my brother are having a baby boy(Cody William), sometime between late Jan early Feb!! And we are SOOOOOO excited for them!! Janelle's shower was so nice and she got almost everything she needed. I am so happy and proud of both of them. I know first hand being young parents isn't easy and people don't give you alot of respect. This two have two very important things going for them...their heads are on straight and they adore each other!! You guys are going to be amazing parents and I can't wait to watch you two enjoy this wonderful journey!!

Louisiana Here We Come!!

A few weeks ago me, Hannah and my grandma went to Louisiana for my sister in laws baby shower. It was nice to have a quick trip in to see everyone. The kids and I hadn't been in since April! These are some pictures of my Merrick girls!! We went to the Southshore to have dinner with Stacey, Kerri, Toni and Ms. Loise on Saturday. Hannah was so excited to see her nanny(Kerri) and Aunt Stacey's new puppy Belle! These girls are like my sisters and I mean that with all my heart! Each one of them enrich my life in a different way everyday. My kids adore them all. They are MY GIRLS!!