Monday, June 30, 2008

Hannah's Swim Team party!!

Our subdivision placed first for County Champs for the second year in a row!! And our beautiful daughter had the best time swimming with all of these amazing kids...the young ladies(and I say this because they handled themselves just like that in front of this young kids) that were our assistant coaches were AWESOME!
Hannah will continue with private stroke lessons for the remainder of the summer. And yes she is very excited about the probability of swimming year round.....we will see what happens!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good Ole fun!

Emily(Mel and Mike's little girl)
Gracie(Rona and Ron's little girl) and Hannah
Alex and Jack(Mel and Mike's little boy)

The adults weren't the only ones that had a good time at the DeFusco's Saturday night....Hannah was so excited to play with Gracie and of course if there are babies in the room my boys will be entertaining them. Alex and Jakob had Jack laughing so hard, after about 20 minutes the poor baby has miserable hiccups!!
A good time was had by all!!

Last Days Of Swim Team!

Chloe and Hannah with 2 of their swim coachs(Kaitlyn and Natalie)
Hannah and coach Kaitlyn doing Hannah's stroke lessons

she loves the Backstroke!

Jakob and Grayson(Lena's boy)
my 3 cuties!!

my boys!

Just another day!!

This is pretty momma...isn't it!

Alex took these pictures tonight as the sun was going down....

Quality Time!

The last part of this week and this weekend, we have had some good "QUALITY TIME" with each other and with family and friends!!

Thursday was Hannah's last swim meet, Lena and her kids are back in town now, so we had a full house(which we love) at the swim meet! Friday after Hannah's last FUN FRIDAY for swim team, the kids and I hung out at the pool with some friends and had a pizza party. That evening I took the kids to see Kung Fu was very cute!! Hannah is now walking around telling everyone "GET READY TO FEEL THE THUNDA!!" she is soooo my child! Saturday we ran around doing errands, Hannah and I went to a birthday party for one of our neighbors and Brian and the boys stayed home and made some desserts and meat dip for our next adventure.....The DeFusco's game night!! Saturday evening we went over to our friends house to have some GOOD FOOD, GOOD CONVERSATIONS and just a GOOD OLE TIME!! Being with nothing but a bunch of CRAZY A@# LOUISIANA people was just what the doctor ordered...(thanks again guys, we really had a good time and can't wait for the next invite!) Sunday, Brian's parents came over for dinner and we had a nice relaxing evening enjoying the beautiful weather and having some good food!! In between these days I've had good phone time with my momma and daddy and Ms. Lena!! Quality time happens everyday....its not earth shattering, news worthy stuff. Just regular everyday stuff, that when you look back on it, it puts a big fat smile on your face!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I know that I'm not the only one that snopes around on the blogs....RIGHT?? (I know Emily knows who I'm talking about) Their is a link on Heathers blog to the Spreen blog, on the Spreen blog she has all kinds of good links on hers, she has these giveaway things, I don't know exactly what it is and now I'm rambling so let me get to the point....OK she has someone who sells blog backgrounds and stuff like that. Have any of you ever looked at the designs and the prices? First off why didn't we think of this and second off do you think the prices are reasonable? Theres a premade one that I like but I haven't looked around at other sites yet. The site is 8eightcrazydesigns the one that I like is CREATE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE as a woman, a wife and a mother.... I think. Look at some of here stuff and tell me what you think. Does anybody know how to create these things, there really cool!!


My little swimming star!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Canyon Burgers!!

Smart a@#!!
Don't have any clue??
Old Time!!
me and Lena's babies + one more(Alex's friend Blake)

Lena and I were husband less tonight, so we decided to take the kids to Downtown Woodstock and go to Canyon was really good. I am very picky about burgers and I was pleasantly surprised!! After, we walked around and looked at the little shops that have opened up in there. It is a very cool area!! They have some other good restaurants that we've tried, if you haven't been there it's really a cool area!!

My boy!

OK, so I'm just getting back from walking Alex to his first....JOB!! He is going to be a "mothers helper" to one of our neighbors who has 2 adorable little boys. He will probably do it 2 times a week for 2 hours each time. And then next month I am teaching a bible camp at the school that I work at and Alex will be my ASSISTANT!! When did he get old enough to go over to someone elses house and help them with their children?? Or better yet be MY ASSISTANT!!
I can still remember the first time that child kick me when I was pregnant and how he look at me with that little China man face, when they handed him to me the first time! Yes I am a little dramatic when it comes to my kids, we all know this much. But seriously a JOB, I have to lie down, the room is starting to spin!!

Just Chillin'!

To say that we are enjoying our summer would be an understatement!! WE HAVE BEEN LOVING OUR SUMMER!! Hannah has swim practice every morning and 3 times a week she has had private stroke lessons after practice, so on those days, we pack our lunch and stay at the pool. Somedays were there 2 hours, sometimes 4 (yes I know, what a hard life). On Tuesday and Thursdays we go to the free summer movies. And almost every other night we have an extra child sleeping over. We've all been taking walks together, its just really nice to slow done for a few weeks!! Next month Alex and I are going to be teaching a summer camp for 2 weeks Monday- Thursday. Hannah's swim team has their last meet this week and our days at the pool, will turn into afternoons at the pool. Whatever we do,as long as I'm with my babies I'M ALL GOOD!! I could not imagine doing anything else but be with my kids during the summer!!

No Were Not Crazy!(ok maybe a little )

Hi nice to meet you I'm Cooper!
Hi Cooper,were Iris and Lola and why are you here?
Will you like me if I let you smell me?
Our house guest until Sunday!!

We are dog sitting for our neighbor (not Ms. Carol, we do have other neighbors!) Cooper is his name and he is the fattest and sweetest thing I've seen. He is getting along really well with our girls and everything has been so far so good. They normally put him in a kennel and when he comes home he is hoarse from barking so much and can't poop for a week, his little system just kind of goes crazy, so I told Brian to volunteer our house for him(Ron is our neighbor who Brian rides hundreds of miles on their bikes together). They were so excited not to have to kennel him...if we had to kennel Iris we would not be able to ever travel, she would have a nervous breakdown!! Thanks to Ms. Carol and my grandmother we get to take trips. I'm glad were getting to help someone else! The more the merrier...RIGHT!