Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Chillin'!

To say that we are enjoying our summer would be an understatement!! WE HAVE BEEN LOVING OUR SUMMER!! Hannah has swim practice every morning and 3 times a week she has had private stroke lessons after practice, so on those days, we pack our lunch and stay at the pool. Somedays were there 2 hours, sometimes 4 (yes I know, what a hard life). On Tuesday and Thursdays we go to the free summer movies. And almost every other night we have an extra child sleeping over. We've all been taking walks together, its just really nice to slow done for a few weeks!! Next month Alex and I are going to be teaching a summer camp for 2 weeks Monday- Thursday. Hannah's swim team has their last meet this week and our days at the pool, will turn into afternoons at the pool. Whatever we do,as long as I'm with my babies I'M ALL GOOD!! I could not imagine doing anything else but be with my kids during the summer!!

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Mel said...

I cannot believe Alex cut his hair!!