Wednesday, April 29, 2009

114 of 365 boy run

What exactly do you do while sitting at a track meet from 7 in the morning until about 6:30 that evening. Well if your my daughter you borrow your daddy's blackberry and do


and this

of course this is always attractive

and then this one we will hang up outside to keep the bugs away

and to show the true Louisiana people we are, here is my daughters bare foot propted up on an ice chest. (if you have ever been to a day parade in New Orleans, then I'm sure you have a picture or 2 like this)

Sadly I left the house that morning running late and did not put my camera in the bag that I had everything packed in. But never fear blogging buddies, we have another action packed track meet this Saturday again. So I will have pictures, REAL pictures to share with you all.

I do have to tell you that my Jakey boy ran a 3000M, a 1500M, the long jump and a 4x4 relay. He will find out his placements for his running events on Thursday. He did so well and was so relaxed running around that track. We were all so proud of him and most importantly his was proud of himself.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

113 of 365 memories....showing off my jewels.

My kids quiet frequently ask if they can take pictures with my camera, I love to find the little gems they have left for me!!

112 of 365 the sky falling?

Thursday evening Brian and I were sitting at Jakob's track practice, sweating our butts off (wouldn't it be nice if you could REALLY just SIT somewhere and sweat your butt OFF? A girl can dream)

It was the first real hot day. If you remember correctly at the beginning of the month we had SNOW. So how do you top snow in April?

The skies turn pink and then an ominous black in all of 20 minutes and then

marbles fall from the sky
I'm not even going to ask, what next!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are these jars sold in bulk??

Do you ever wish you could bottle something really good up and save it for later, like when your having a bad day?

The feeling of not being able to control the beating of your heart the first time you kissed your spouse.
The first time you smell your newborn babies head and realize you will never be the same again. The way the sun feels on your face as you listen to your favorite song playing in the background. The way the fresh cut grass feels in between your toes.
The way my daughter intertwines her fingers in my hair when we sleep.

There are so many things, that if I could, I would put them in cute jelly jars and label them.
"The feelings I NEVER want to forget."

This morning as I was walking my 2 youngest children down to the bus stop, as I let go of their hands, I pulled them back to my face really quickly. Jakob's hands are no longer fat and dimply. The creases are gone, their slender and smooth now. Hannah hands are changing as we speak. I can see the differences ever day in them. My oldest sons hands are now my husbands hands(excuse me while I find my box of kleenex). When Alex grabs my hand, I have to take a second look, because that hand is very familiar but still SO strangely different all at the same time.

As I let my children's hands go this morning and watched them both waiting patiently in line at the bus stop, I bottled it up and labeled it "# 1,000,001 reasons why I love my LORD!"

No monumental thing happen, no one said anything cute or solved world peace (yet).
It was just, YEAH my life really does ROCK.........

Thank You God, for my memories!

111 of 365 memories...more blondies!

We have been CELEBRATING fools the last week. Last week was our dear sweet Peyton girls (my girlfriend Lena's daughter)birthday. Lena and I were both husband less last week, so we opted for Longhorn's for dinner instead of cooking. The sacrifices we make for our kids!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. thang, keep on being who you are Peyton, because what you are is one AWESOME young lady!!

110 of 365 Benadryl?

First I have to say, yes I know it is possibly the WORST picture EVER. But to my defense, I was detoxing. All last week my allergies have been tap dancing on my sinus cavities, the back of my throat and the inside of my ears. Anyone who has allergies understands ever last word of what I just said. The only thing that has been helping was Benadryl, which puts me in a semi comatose state. So this weekend I decided NO MORE. So I went cold turkey and as you can see it wasn't very pretty. Right before my husband snuck up and took this (can I use this in my defense case after I hurt him? Look at Lola behind the chair, she is thinking UM dad I wouldn't do that if I was you!) I had a hot rag on my face trying to relieve the pressure. This week has been a lot better, the rain washed away some of the pollen and I have switched to Claritin D and have been in a lot better mood :) And my husband is thankful for that!!

109 of 365 memories....the party is still going

Hannah had her "official" birthday party this Sunday at the American Girl Doll store. My girlfriend Rona (who I am FOREVER indebted to) and I braved the waters with 4 little cuties, 4 little cuties American Girl dolls, 2 cameras and a will to survive. Think I'm joking, have you ever been to the American Girl Doll Store? Better yet, have you ever been with 4 little girls and told them they each have " a certain" amount of money to spend? Yeah good luck with that.

Actually it went really good, at some point the girls go into sensory overload. But who can blame them, the dolls, the clothes, the pets, the books, the accessories, the beauty boutique. Oh yes ma'am there is a doll spa. The dolls can get their ears pierced and their hair done. (Have you stopped laughing yet?)

Hannah has a very sweet group of friends and I was very excited that her (very best est) friends could share the day with us.

Thanks again Rona, I couldn't of made it through the fire store without you girl!!

Gracie, Hannah, Hannah and Chloe

here comes her cake!

Happy Birthday to my baby!!


the cuties!

the other cuties :)

those eyes get me every time


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

108 of 365 memories....girl time

Emily, Grace, Hannah and Gracie

Saturday evening, Hannah and I snuck out of the yard work for awhile and met some friends and the show to see the Hannah Montana movie. I have to say, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. Not once did I hold my ears and cover my eyes and begin to rock back in forth in the fetal position. The girls LOVED the movie and us mommas LOVE to see those smiles on our babies faces. Thanks Rona, Mindy and Jen for giving us some good company!!

107 of 365 memories....get er done.

It took them awhile to work together but they finally got the hang of it.


my trash man!!

This weekend we started doing some MAJOR and MUCH needed yard work. It's going to be a long haul to get our side and back yard finished, but were working together (sort of :) and hopefully in the next month or so we will be half finished!

FYI: who needs Pilate's, ab machines or any of that other nonsense, swing an ax at a tree for 30 minutes, dig and shovel out tree stumps and weed out a back yard that you could ski down, you will feel the BURN in places that you did not know could burn. Excuse me while I apply my Icy Hot.

Monday, April 20, 2009

106 of 365 memories....2016

That is the year that my son Jakob is planning on being in and breaking Michael Phelps record for the most gold medals won in the Olympics. On October 9th of this year, the city that will host the Summer games will be announced. So peeps, it looks like our travel destinations will be 1 of these 4: Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro or Tokyo. Not to bad. I would love to go to any of these places and scream cheer for my baby boy. Just in case you all think I'm joking, I'M NOT. You know that saying, if there's a will there's a way. Well my boy has more WILL than most grown ups do and his momma will always find the WAY :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

105 of 365 memories......Wastin Away.....

Last night I went with a group of girls from work to the Jimmy Buffet concert. I am not a parrot head nor have I ever been to Margaritaville but I had a great time just the same. There were many different sights, sounds and smells at the outdoor concert. Lots of grass skirts, filled glasses of frozen concoctions that help them hang on and lots and lots of something floating around in the air that made me all of a sudden get the munchies :) all jokes aside, we all had a great night!! Thanks HP girls, I had a blast!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Return To Sender

I have until the middle of May to turn in my application to start college in the Fall.
Well let me rephrase that.
I have until the middle of May to turn in my application to hopefully be accepted to start in the Fall.

I started to work more on it today and stopped.
As I have a 1000 times before.

Why you ask?

Can I not afford the fee because of my Chick Fil A sweet tea addiction? WRONG

Have I suddenly forgotten how to spell my name and my social security number? after the Jimmy Buffet concert tonight maybe!

Are the pointless questions you have to answer and the promising of my daughters first loose tooth to much for me to bear? NO NOT REALLY

Then what??


You all know that I'm a dreamer. And a believer in signs and all the hocus pocus (you believe in your crap and I will believe mine :)

I've had quite a few dreams lately that all end like the credits of a movie. And in those credits it reads RETURN TO SENDER, MRS. HEIDI JOHNSON

Hey now, that's me!!

Who is returning my sending??

And I never know who it is.

I have also been having a dream about a purple octopus type creature that steals all my writings from me because he said that I use to much ink! But shouldn't a squid be worried about that, I ask him? He tells me no one likes a smart mouth and plops away.
Now logically (I know your thinking LOGICAL people don't have these kinds of dreams but help me out here!) you would say that its an octopus he can't move that fast, so just get your stuff back. But when I try to run after him, that's when the credits roll.

Are you with me??

OK good, now can you explain it all to me??

Yes I'm crazy BLAH BLAH BLAH
Yes I'm losing pieces of my mind every blessed day BLAH BLAH BLAH, PLEASE tell me something that I don't already know.

Is the octopus that voice that we all have inside of us that says "your not good enough"?
Are the credits rolling right when I'm trying to get a hold of my stuff because I jumping out of my comfort zone for the first time EVER and I doubt myself on pretty much anything that does not pertain to kids?

And basically its up to me to "finish" my story or my dream.

I'm going with curtain #1 because whats behind curtain # 2 in this old brain of mine, would probably be copied and pasted into the form my husband fills out to send me to the funny farm :)

I'm going to finish the application, I'll let you know how the dream ends!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

104 of 365 memories... no worries

Somebody went to the dentist today to get a major filling done!
Somebody's momma had a stomach in knots all day today thinking about it!
Somebody said will you hold my hand when we go in?
Somebody said I'm not a little nervous, OK well maybe a lot nervous!
Somebody walked out of the dentist office with a crooked smile and bubbles in her toes!
Somebody made her self and her momma very proud today!
Somebody (maybe 2 people) worried for nothing :)

103 of 365 memories....Italian anyone??

me, Katie, Kaylee (Carols daughter), Linda and Carol

Yesterday was my girlfriend Carol's birthday. She is my next door neighbor that you all have heard LOTS about. I hate to call her my neighbor because she is SO much more than that!!

We took her to eat her favorite IIIItalian last night. She pronounces it with a little bit of OMF on the I. I know your thinking seriously woman are YOU talking about someone else pronunciation skills, being that I can't say ask correctly. Apparently I say ax, well what ya goin do?

Happy Birthday Carol, my neighbor, my friend, my its 5 o'clock somewhere girl(usually on my porch around 4 :)

We LOVE you!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

our cabin, 2009

I took over 300 pictures last weekend. I know I know, tell you something you didn't already know. But to my defense I deleted over 100, so that's only 200. Well actually I have 223 left, so my Math is a little off, SUE ME!!

I have a lot of the beautiful farm land that we saw and then I have even more of my 3 offspring just being cute.

These are the my favorites, added to the other ones that I have already posted.

The countryside driving up the mountain

(sing it with me!) wide open spaces

have I told you how much we LOVE fireplaces?!


WARNING : don't try this at home! This is the PX2000 yoga style!!

maw maw loving on her girl.

its even pretty when its raining.

hardcore fishermen!

the skies opened up and revealed all this places beauty.

and they were ready!

our view, heaven on earth.

I love when they REALLY love each other!

my boys!

I saw God today.

Ms. C, Brian and Mr. J (he smiles like his momma with his daddy's head)

in he goes

soaking the tootsies

as you probably guessed, to EXTREMELY thankful people.

Monday, April 13, 2009

102 of 365 memories....dinner!!

101 of 365 memories....Happy Easter!

100 of 365 memories....exactly WHERE are we again??

99 of 365 memories....ARE WE THERE YET??

the joys of being a daughter to a woman who already has 2 boys

Hannah - (running in from outside screaming and whaling around the room) I FELL OFF MY SCOOTER AND CAN'T BEND MY ELBOW!!! did you get the full effect with all caps and bold??

me - well did you try to bend it?


me - so how do you know you can't bend it??

HMMM.....can we say Academy Award winner.

me - let me look at it girl

me - no orthopedist, just some Neosprin and a band aid.

Hannah - STITCHES?!!!

me - no child, NEOSPRIN.

Hannah - can I watch you put the band aid on it?

me - you might not want to, you know with all the blood and stuff :)


me - I'm already done, let's wash your face and get some water.

Hannah - OK, can you wash my face and help me drink my water, I can't bend my arm remember?

me - SIGH.... of course, after I clean up all your skin and blood of my floor :)

Don't worry after I finished torturing her, I gave her ice cream.
And let me tell you home girl could bend that arm for the creamy goodness of Breyers Cookies and Cream, All Natural of course.

Finding a Happy Medium

Talking to my girlfriend today, we both decided that we are "average" woman and we were both surprisingly OK with that.

I have never been an over achiever anything.
I like feel good things.
I like potato chips and bread, WAY TO MUCH, nothing like fresh, hot buttered bread. Who am I kidding, it doesn't have to be fresh, or even hot and buttered, OK truth be told it can be a hot dog bun for all I care, I just love bread!!
Sorry, I'm rambling and yes I know it was about bread, is that sad?

I talk way to loud and to much about my kids and bread.

I also snort when I laugh. (yes, I am one classy lady)

These things won't change.

Realizing that your an average person isn't really that bad. It's not like accepting a death sentence when you know that you didn't have your hand in the cookie jar.

It's average meaning, a woman taking life one day at a time, making a mean pot of meatballs with jarred sauce.

Knowing what day of the week it is by what activity your kids have that day.

Parking at the end of the parking lot because those 3 miles up hill, just aren't happening today.

Being a size 8-10, when I could be a 6.

Being willing to stand up for any cause I believe in and knowing all the while I can't pronounce it correctly.

All these things, are me.


HERE ME ROAR! (oh yes, I went there :)

What kind of vacationer are you??

I am a Facebooker, (is that a word??)
Whatever it is, I am one of them.
I know I know and yes I have a life. A very active life and I also have internet on my cell phone :) and 3 kids that are always keeping me out of my house for 1 reason or 100 another. So momma plays while the babies practice :)

Anyway Facebook has these addicting silly quizzes that you can take. They range in topics from "What Kind Of Mother Are You?" to "What Kind Of Sex Position Are You!"......YES I DO TOO HAVE A LIFE!!

Yesterday as we were leaving our cabin in Tennessee, Brian and I were talking about the past week we had.

The weekend before in Vegas, acting like we had not a care in the world.

The weekend after in a cabin in Dunlap Tennessee, in the middle of no where, with our babies acting like we had not a care in the world.

And I thought, that would be a good quiz.

What kind of vacationer are you?

A middle of no where girl or a glitz and glamour one?
I'll give you 3 guesses what I am....

I am such a nicer woman when I don't have to pluck my eyebrows :)
What kind of vacationer are you??