Wednesday, April 29, 2009

114 of 365 boy run

What exactly do you do while sitting at a track meet from 7 in the morning until about 6:30 that evening. Well if your my daughter you borrow your daddy's blackberry and do


and this

of course this is always attractive

and then this one we will hang up outside to keep the bugs away

and to show the true Louisiana people we are, here is my daughters bare foot propted up on an ice chest. (if you have ever been to a day parade in New Orleans, then I'm sure you have a picture or 2 like this)

Sadly I left the house that morning running late and did not put my camera in the bag that I had everything packed in. But never fear blogging buddies, we have another action packed track meet this Saturday again. So I will have pictures, REAL pictures to share with you all.

I do have to tell you that my Jakey boy ran a 3000M, a 1500M, the long jump and a 4x4 relay. He will find out his placements for his running events on Thursday. He did so well and was so relaxed running around that track. We were all so proud of him and most importantly his was proud of himself.


Kristin said...

Track meets are long!! Congrats to your sone for doing so well!!!!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Hey Heidi,
Looks like a long but fun day! Love your pic!

I've got a 'green' award for you at my place. The code is at the very bottom of the post...

I'm just me... said...

That's how I keep Tink entertained at the dr, get out the camera phone. Glad your kiddo did good at his meet!

Elizabeth said...

I love the bare foot on the cooler. That's been known to happen up here at small town parades!