Sunday, January 28, 2007

My wonderful children!!

Of course every mother thinks her children are wonderful and I am no exception. In the past few weeks both of the boys have made the honor roll at school for this nine weeks. Jakob was Student of the Month for his class. Alex made the Science Olympiad team at his school. (Out of about 200 students 25 were picked and my baby was one of them) And Hannah not to be out done by her brothers has had all good remarks from her teachers and her Speech teacher can not believe how far she has come this year. She has two wonderful role models!! And I have 3 really awesome kids!! On some days our house is so crazy I can't even think let alone see straight. But it is nice to take these few moments to remember how wonderful this life is.

Games Continued again!!

Is everyone tired yet? This is what our lives are and we wouldn't have it any other way. Next year Hannah will be thrown into the weekend craziness. Right now we do her stuff on a Friday when she's off of school. The last set of game pictures is Jakob at Basketball. Basketball doesn't come as easy to him as Soccer. So he has been practicing with his brother and we are happy to report at today's game he made his first basket!! Of course I was in tears and after the game Alex ran out to him and picked him up to congratulate him. (And then of course more tears) It was priceless!!

Games Continued!!

Alex loves to play all sports. He wants to try them all and we encourage him to do just that. He really enjoys Basketball. He has played that for two seasons. Here are some actions shots of him. The pictures are limited. Apparently a mother taking pictures of her 11 year olds every moves on the court is not cool. WHO KNEW!!

Games, Games and more Games!!

This is Jakob playing Soccer! Jakob lives and breaths Soccer. He plays year round now. He tells us at least twice a week who he is going to invite when he makes it to the World Cup.With his determination anything is possible.

Every Saturday and Sunday we are at one of the boys games. Between Indoor Soccer and Basketball we are always cheering for one of our teams. In a few weeks these games will end and with no breathing room in between Alex will start Baseball and Jakob will play Soccer. Whew!!

Hawks game!

Since we have been in Georgia our family has been very lucky. We have been able to go to many different events and sit in the Coca-Cola suite. Jakob now assumes everyone sits in a suite and has a clean bathroom when they do something like this. A couple of weeks ago we went to an Atlanta Hawks game with Brian's boss and his family. We had a wonderful time!! Every Hawks game we have been to they have won. So now my boys believe they are THE lucky charms for the team. I believe them! As you can see in the pictures Hannah is deeply involved in the game.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Ringing in the New Year!!

We took the kids to the Aquarium on New Year's Eve. It was a family affair!! Brian's parents and his brother also came with us. We had never been and we all really enjoyed it. Everyone had a favorite part, mine was the Beluga whales. They were just so peaceful looking. The kids got to touch all kinds of creatures. Which my children absolutely love. After the Aquarium we went out to eat and then went home to get ready for our New Year's eve party!! The evening couldn't of been better. We had good food, drinks and fireworks. And best of all we great company. At about 12:15 am my mother in law and I realized that we hadn't taken any pictures that evening. So just take my word for it, we had a blast!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Our Christmas!!

Our Christmas Eve was very calm and relaxing this year. We went to Mass early in the day and then took the kids out to eat. That evening we went to Brian's parents and tracked Santa on the computer. When Jakob saw that Santa was crossing into the U.S. we had to hurry home. We put out our cookies and milk. Hannah wanted to leave him hot chocolate but then she decided that it might stain his beard. Then we sprinkled our reindeer food outside and off to bed we went. The kids didn't get out of bed until 7:oo am on Christmas morning and then the real fun began. Hannah asked Santa for an Easy Bake Oven, Jakob a milk snake and Alex a mountain bike. Of course Santa came through!! Santa confided in us later that the snake was a little tricky. But daddy oops I mean Santa made it work. The rest of the morning they opened their presents from momma and daddy. And then the cooking began!! For anyone that doesn't already know this we are a HUGE cooking family. Jakob and Hannah really like to cook with me. Brian and Alex like to mix things so they can lick the spoon after!! We made our Christmas feast. Brian's parents and his brother came over as well as my grandmother. And we ate and ate and ate!! The kids got to stay in there pj's all day and it was wonderful. Although I must confess that not seeing my momma and daddy and brothers and sister in law, really was tough this year. But we are working on changing that for next year hopefully!! All in all it was a wonderful day. And we had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Hannah's Gymnastics Program!!

The last week of school before the holidays was just crazy for us. With the three kids Christmas parties at school and their activities we were so glad for the end of that week. And on that last day Hannah had her little program at gymnastics. She was so excited because her daddy and brothers were going to get to see her do all of her fancy moves. She did such a good job and we were all so proud of her!!

A Stone Mountain Christmas!!

We took the kids to Stone Mountain the night before Christmas Eve. Apparently so did the rest of Georgia but we had a great time anyway. We have been there a couple of times before but not for the holiday festivities!! We got to see Santa and his parade. Of course when my kids here parade they throw there hands in the air and say "throw me something mister" . Then they realized it wasn't that kind of parade. There was a Christmas Laser show and different kinds of shows you can see. We also got to see the HUGE Coca- Cola tree. The two best parts for us where when the Snow Fairy made it snow bubbles and the fireworks at the end of the night!!

Hannah's Christmas Play

Hannah was an angel in her Christmas play at school and as you can see she truly fit the part!!

Welcome to our Blog!! Finally!!

It took me awhile but I've finally gotten it together. I hope everyone enjoys a little recap from the past few months and then we will start fresh with 2007!!
Happy New Year!!!