Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cody William Leibfritz

me and my nephew!!

who is this crazy woman??
he has a full head of hair!!
momma and Cody

MiMi and Cody
our little angel baby!!
my momma , Cody and Billy

Cody and daddy

Billy and Janelle
Jessica( Janelle's sister), Janelle and me
Cody right out of the oven!!

Everyone knows how excited we have been for the new member of our family to arrive. He made his debut on Tuesday, January 29th at 10:24 pm. He weighed 7lbs. 8 ozs. And was 20 1/2 inches long. He has a full head of beautiful black curly hair. Cody William Leibfritz was not to sure he wanted to leave his momma's belly. It took some convincing but he finally gave Janelle some piece....Janelle did not think she was going to be a good patient. She taught herself that she could take a lot more than she thought!! Janelle and Billy I am so proud of the two of you, you will be wonderful parents!! Cody is a lucky little boy!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

She Loves Her Clothes!

Hannah wanted me to take these pictures off her in some of her new clothes she bought with her gift cards after Christmas. The bottom one didn't come out good. She has on her furry boots. She loves this boots!! When we bought the boots she told me she had to get jeans that can tuck in them, so everyone can see the boots! My little fashionista!!

Just A Little Chilly!!

The day after New Year's we had a serious cold front come through. During the day the highs were in the low 20's. When the kids went out to play they found this huge icicle on our hose. When Brian and I bathed the dogs a couple of days before we must of forgotten to turn off the hose. The boys tried all day to get it off of the hose and couldn't . The hose itself was frozen solid. It took 2 days before the icicle came off. It doesn't take much to keep my kids occupied!!

Another day of Winter weather!

my little snow angel!!

On Saturday we had MORE SNOW!! We didn't get as much as they predicted but we had enough to make the kids happy!! We can't believe we had it 2 times in one week, thank you Jack Frost!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


They were sooo proud of their snowball!
our front yard is covered!

I have more pictures to post of the holidays but I have to put this in.....we had real snow this afternoon!! It started off with a little bit and then stopped and then within the next 20 minutes it started and didn't stop for about 3 hours!! Hannah and I drove to dance class in the snow. She loved it!! We love Georgia! (These pictures aren't the best, their from my phone. I will add more from the camera when I get the disc developed tomorrow!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our Christmas Guests!!

Ms. C and Mr. J

me and my grandma

Brian's parents , his brother and my grandmother all came over in the afternoon for dinner. We had yet more presents to open!! After the presents we had our wonderful dinner and then all the goodies... Between Santa, my parents, Brian's parents, David and the god parents my children couldn't have asked for anything else!! Thank you everybody!

More Christmas!!

Lola was pooped!

SHHH! He is concentrating on Madden '08
momma and her girl!!
Santa was very good to our children...Hannah got her big girl bike and Baby Alive, Jakob and Alex both got PSP bundles (Play station portable with a game). Momma and daddy were pretty good to them also. They had a wonderful morning!!

Christmas 2007!!

Santa was here!!

Two happy boys!!
One happy girl!!

This was our third Christmas in Georgia. Although it is still hard at times not being with my side of the family, it is also very nice not to have to drive from place to place to place on Christmas. My kids like staying in their PJ's all day. And now they get to stay with all of their new stuff. Something they couldn't do back in Louisiana. We were out of the door by noon and didn't get back home until after 10 most Christmas's. Next year might be a little different for us, my nephew will be here(my brother and sister in law are having their first baby in a couple of weeks) and we don't want to miss out on the holidays with him. My kids are soooo excited about the new baby!! So if the lazy Christmas's were to good to last, we will see. But we sure did enjoy them!!

Christmas Eve Night!

Do you think they were a little excited!!

Santa is in the United States!!

On Christmas Eve evening we went over to Brian's parents for dinner. Brian's brother David was driving in from Louisiana also and we were all EXCITED to see him! A few years ago my mom found this website to track Santa. Now they have quite a few of them. My kids love to do this. The radar on the computer is so detailed and real looking, it is amazing! When Santa looks like he is getting close, we rush home and get in to our PJ's. We put out our reindeer food and off to bed we go.

Christmas Eve Baking!!

On Christmas Eve during the day we BAKED!! And I mean we all baked. We made chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels, rice krispie treats, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, snicker doddle cookies, sugar cookies and brownies. After we finished all of that I looked at Brian and said we forgot about the pies!! He thought I was losing my mind...which is true but still, we have to have pie! As the years have gone on I have mastered many things in the kitchen, unfortunately portion control is not one of them, especially during the holidays. My father in law always asks me when he comes over for any dinner "how many people are we having?" I enjoy having people enjoy my food. When I cook it is mostly from my heart. Very rarely from a box!! So yes we had to much food and desserts for the 9 people we had over for Christmas (us, Brian's parents, Brian's brother and my grandma) but that's fine. Running out of food is not an option!!