Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Last week as Hannah and I were finishing up our last bed time story, we started to talk about who, loves who, more.
You know like mommy loves you this much (and I stretch my arms over her face and she screams with delight, I keep telling you guys, that I have the life) And then she says no momma I love you this much more and we keep on (and on).
It usually ends with me telling her I love her to infinity and beyond(by the way I was using that saying with Alex long before Disney snatched it up).
There's nothing left after that....

My ever so smart little girl, looks at me with a smirk on her face, like a fat cat that just got a mouse.
She says to me, no momma I love you to the future!
And when were not here any more, I'm still loving you to the future.

(Excuse me while I look for my box of Kleenex)

Have I told you guys that I'm the luckiest woman in the whole world lately?

God's presence is in my children's eyes everyday and with that, I am eternally grateful, To INFINITY AND BEYOND!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gotta Love, The New Junk!


my talented husband
yes ladies, he is all mine!
I love when they help each other!
look ma, no hands!
Just crusin...
This weekend Brian decided to get some of the kids old bikes fixed up (change the tubes and tires) and put them in a garage sale next weekend....each one of my kids have 2 bikes each and we have a few extra ones, that honestly I don't remember where they came from.
After he got the bikes all put back together, OF COURSE they became the BEST bikes in the world again! We won't talk about how it took me half a roll of paper towels to get the cob webs and dust off of them.....
It's amazing how they fall in love all over again with their old stuff. So now, no one (including Mr. these kids have to much crap out here, taking up all this space!) wants to get rid of the bikes and were back to where we started again.
Well at least they look pretty sittting in the garage taking up all the space!!
I love Sundays.....

FOOTBALL,FOOTBALL and more, you guessed it FOOTBALL!

LSU is winning!

he loves his chocolate covered strawberries!!

Lena and Chris


Happy Birthday to Grayson!!

On Saturday we had the Davis family over to watch a little football and help celebrate their son's birthday! By a little football I should explain that we (meaning the husband's and kids) watched 3 different games all at the same time....LSU, Georgia and Virginia Tech.

Lena and Chris are VT graduates, my boys are all about LSU and well we live in and are raising our children in Georgia so we need to show a little love to UGA!!
I made Red Beans and rice and I have to say, I think they were the best pot of beans I have ever made. Jakob agreed with me, my boy is all about his mommas food. As usual between Lena and I, we had way to much food. But the more the merrier, RIGHT??
GOOD FOOD is never a bad thing!

We love being with our "Georgia family" every chance we get!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Have We NO Shame People?...remake 90210, NEVER!!

(1992 Back to School dance) Here we have the Brenda Walsh look, got to love the high waters and Bass shoes....
(1993 Homecoming Dance) Here we have the Kelly Taylor look! Got to love the stir up pants...


Monday when I was waiting for Alex at the orthodontist, I picked up one of the trash magazines and thought I would check in to see who there calling a fat housewife, mother of 2 this week (remember my Miami trip and my airplane trash magazines, no I haven't gotten over it!)

As I was reading the magazine I quickly realized I have NO clue who half this people are and what their shows are about. Our TV is usually on ESPN, the Weather Channel, HG TV, Animal Planet or Discovery (yes people we live on the edge!)

They were talking about The Hills vs. The Gossip Girls vs. The Sunset Tan, I'm assuming these shows have to be for teenagers or anyone else who wants to do nothing but numb their minds with STUPIDITY.
If you guys watch any of these shows, well I'm sorry......for you!
Maybe my age is showing, but oh well, I am what I am!

As I read on trying to find something that didn't scream look at me I'm 92 pounds and I don't know how to put on panties!

I saw something about 90210 coming back on!!
I loved me some 90210 back in the day....
You want to talk about mind numbing STUPIDITY, I was all over that when I was a teenager! TEENAGER being the key word here.

I can't believe there putting it back on. That actually really bummed me out, thinking there taking something so special, like the love that Brenda had for Dillon, then his love for Kelly, and her love for Brandon and his love for Steve, oh wait I just screwed that up didn't I? You get the point.

REMAKE 90210, that's just UN AMERICAN, better yet it's UN CALIFORNIAIAN (don't ask because I don't know what I just said)

I'm not going to be watching the show because (well for the most part I'm a grown now) and I get enough mind numbing stupidity from Grey's :):)

My old lady self can only take so much, night time soap opera ness.....someone please stop me, it's the mind numbing stupidity talking not me!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rock City...

Mel and Rona you were right, I love this one!!

Yes I allowed my children to go on a swing bridge, better yet I allowed myself to go on the swing bridge!!
Just taking it all in!
these four people are the reason my happy heart beats everyday
me and my hubby!!
At the top of Rock City you can see all 7 of these states, the kids loved picking out the states
this picture is for Hannah
they weren't joking either!!

they had no problems!!
The legend of Lovers Leap was there were two people in love from two different tribes and when the chiefs found out, the boy was thrown over the cliff. The girl was so distraught when it happened she jumped after him!!
Brian and I decided, yeah um..... we love either other and everything but were not jumping after each other....
ya think?!

this is a platform they built to extend your view over the falls, this would be where my panic attack started!!
Spider Man, this kid is all legs!
I told the kids see what happens when you eat your broccoli, you can lift 1000 pound boulders, my daughter chimed in with "mom you mean your Organic broccoli! She is her mother's child!
academy award winners.....
nothing but love.....
Rock City was the last stop on our Tennessee trip last Friday. This was my favorite!! The grounds were beautiful, every where you turned you just saw beauty. You also saw high cliffs and long ways down, but I'm focusing on the good here!!
If you want to know the history of this beautiful place click here:
I know I've said it a million times but one more isn't hurting anybody!! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN. It was a wonderful FAMILY DAY!!

Good Old Guilty Pleasures!!

Do you all know what tonight is??
SERIOUSLY you don't know?
I just gave you a clue......

If you said the 2 hour season premiere of Grey's Anatomy then your right!!

I don't watch T.V very often, I don't seem to have the time (go figure..)

But I do love me some Grey's!!!

I'm very excited, I'm sure you kind of guessed that all ready!

I'm just saying this right now (maybe I shouldn't say it but I am)
if that nurse is pregnant with McDreamy's baby and McDreamy and Meredith don't get back together because of it, then I'm boycotting the show!

For God sake people the woman outlined there dream house with tea light candles!!

For those of you who don't watch, I'm sorry that you don't understand anything that I'm saying.... we all have one guilty pleasure and mine happens to be this show and maybe Michael Phelps little sideways under water turn he did (man, I miss those Olympics!!)

My favorite characters are McSteamy (yummy) and Christina.....

Who's yours?
And what's your guilty pleasure??

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Incline Railway, you mean it's not a roller coaster!!

It doesn't look that bad....RIGHT??
Yes that's straight down!!
Our next stop after Ruby Falls was the Incline Railway. Most of you know that I'm not really good when it comes to heights. I will try almost anything but when I have to hang down or look down, I don't do to well. (Remember the Super Man ride at Six Flags??)
Well this wasn't too bad as long as I didn't look down, which was kind of hard because all I could see around me were tree tops and roofs and cable lines and CLOUDS!! I swear at one point I told Brian I think the lord just offered me his hand. We looked like we were in the clouds!! During the ride they let you know when the car is at a 74. something degree angle. Which is the steepest angle for a railway in the world....
WONDERFUL, thanks for sharing now hush so I don't pee in my pants please!!
Hannah kept asking when was it going to go faster? I told her baby it's not, its a railway car.
OH she says, I thought it was a roller coaster.
No baby it's not...
OK, well next time mom, can we find one just like this but faster??
SURE I'm all over it!!
If you want to know what it's all about click here http://www.ridetheincline.com/history.htm
It really was interesting also, but I can't tell you about it for the fear that I might wet my pants :):)

Why weren't there any Rubys at Ruby Falls??

she was amazed at every turn
this was our families favorite, it really looked like a fish.
the Waterfall!
checking out the mountain...

As we were leaving our first stop (Ruby Falls), Hannah says mom we missed something.

What did we miss?

The Ruby's!!

No baby the man named the waterfall after his wife Ruby, remember we just heard all about it. NO, I don't remember....So much for learning something!!

It was very interesting learning all about this cave and how still to this day they don't know where the water comes from....at one point our tour guide said right now we are (I don't remember how many feet under ground) it was the equivalent of the Empire state building on top of us!! That was a little freaky sounding....no panic attacks occurred. I saved that for when I was 1000's of miles above the ground :):)

If you want the whole story here it is... http://www.rubyfalls.com/history.htm