Friday, October 30, 2009

229 of 365 memories...the great pumpkin massacre of 2009

getting their ideas on paper

sketching it out

pumpkin guts!!

we were listening to the monster mash

Alex told us carving pumpkins together is one of his favorite holiday traditions,
for a 13 year old, those words were HUGE!!

daddy bringing Hannah's idea to life!!

pumpkin guts in my eye!!!

the aftermath

hard working men!

our final product!!


proud little pumpkin carvers!

Jakob's creation!
Alex's pumpkin.
He did EVERYTHING by himself, from start to finish!

Happy Halloween!!!

228 of 365 memories...that's what I LOVE about Sundays!

nothing better in life than a fire, a board game and a relaxing Sunday :)

227 of 365 memories...pumpkin patch 2009

hayride to pick out pumpkins

meeting of the minds :)

my little cotton picker

hold on SISTA!!


the body art queen!

fried GOODNESS!!


that's all folks!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

226 of 365 memories...boiled shrimp, mixed drinks and friends OH MY!!

Lena, Aunt Cat and me

yes Lena is staring at her own breasts and if you had hers, you would too :)

I LOVE me some Ms. Lena!!

some times a little too much!!

Yeah those girls have gone wild!!

my son who is (SIGH) almost as tall as me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

225 of 365's ONLY 2.2 miles mom!!

Were in full swing for the Cross Country track season. Jakob LOVES to run long distances (believe me I've had him checked and they tell me he is COMPLETELY normal :). So Cross Country has been perfect for him!!

he is ALL about business, getting ready to set his watch.

tongue out means, don't mess with me!!

I LOVE when I can get a picture of all my bald headed men!!
Mr. J (Brian's dad), my hubby and my baby boy!

paw paw with no hair and his girl :)