Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day!

my little recyclers
cardboard duty
Hannah works on her jump shot with the cans
go girl go!

now it's time for plastic

mom and dad always do the glass!
detergent and dishwashing powder
filling up our water pitcher with the water filter

Everyday when the kids get home from school I ask them if they have had a good day and what has gone on since the last time I saw them. Sometimes I throw in extra questions like, what have you done for someone else today. I usually always get a good response from all 3 of them. Sometimes its as easy as I held the door open for someone or I helped my teacher. Sometimes they have big one's like I asked a kid to play with us that no one wanted or I helped someone up when they fell(of course I have to ask if they were the reason the other person fell and usually the answer is no!)

So today since it is Earth Day we thought we would share with our blog family what we did today for our planet..
We try and recycle everything that we can. We have always tried to recycle our cans and bottles. Last year I started breaking down all of our cardboard boxes. We would put out a trash bag everyday, sometimes two a day. Now since we stopped putting cereal boxes, granola bar boxes etc. we barely make a bag a day. We go to the recycling site that we have at Hobgood every week and make a dump.

We bought a water filter to hook up to the faucet, the amount of water bottles we recycle is crazy(we would go through a case of water in about 2 days!)

We also in the last few months have started to use biodegradable dishwashing soap and washing detergent. I have always had to use a Free and Clear soap because of Hannah's eczema. At Christmas time when I was at Whole Foods they had a sample of Seventh Generations detergent, so I tried it and loved it!!
I want my kids to understand that these little things we do, really do help our planet. If we all do a little, it adds up in a big way and our grandchildren will thank us!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Libby Lu!

Hannah and her best bud Chloe
Hannah, Chloe and Megan
Gracie, Chloe, Hannah and Megan
Hannah getting her makeup done

Gracie waiting patiently for her turn
getting ready for the wig

no,its not a dead animal on my child's head its a wig

Hannah (Montana)
Chloe getting ready for her wig
Gracie getting her make up done

Peyton and Emma

Peyton getting her nails done

Lena and her girls
Brian and the boys got there just in time for the SHOW!

Getting ready for the performance

dancing cuties!!

Grayson made it for cake

Happy 6th birthday my girl!!

Jakob got to spend one of his birthday gift cards!!

This Saturday after the baseball games, we had Hannah's birthday party at Libby Lu's...Hannah had a Hannah Montana makeover party. The girls had a blast!! It's hard to believe that my baby is 6 years old already. She is turning into such a sweet young lady. Happy Birthday Hannah Marie!!