Monday, April 21, 2008

Libby Lu!

Hannah and her best bud Chloe
Hannah, Chloe and Megan
Gracie, Chloe, Hannah and Megan
Hannah getting her makeup done

Gracie waiting patiently for her turn
getting ready for the wig

no,its not a dead animal on my child's head its a wig

Hannah (Montana)
Chloe getting ready for her wig
Gracie getting her make up done

Peyton and Emma

Peyton getting her nails done

Lena and her girls
Brian and the boys got there just in time for the SHOW!

Getting ready for the performance

dancing cuties!!

Grayson made it for cake

Happy 6th birthday my girl!!

Jakob got to spend one of his birthday gift cards!!

This Saturday after the baseball games, we had Hannah's birthday party at Libby Lu's...Hannah had a Hannah Montana makeover party. The girls had a blast!! It's hard to believe that my baby is 6 years old already. She is turning into such a sweet young lady. Happy Birthday Hannah Marie!!

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