Monday, May 28, 2007

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas!!

Brian and I in front of the Lion in the lobby
Brian and I in front of Studio 54 before the Awards
Lion Habitat in the hotel!!
These cubs are direct descends of the MGM lion

I didn't realize how dark these pictures were until I downloaded them. Even though you can't see us, we did look cute if I do say so myself. Brian in a tux and Heidi with a sexy little leg brace. What could be better than that!!Hopefully with the next trip my camera and leg will cooperate!!

MGM Grand!!

For the fashionable ladies, the leg braces are available at an ER near you!!

The MGM lion in the lobby
The view from our room


Kenny Chesney
Kellie Pickler
Craig Morgan
Little Big Town
One of the girls from "The Wreckers"
All but one of these pictures were taken on the big screen they had by us. We could see the stage pretty well but my camera needs to be retired!! These were at the party they had on Monday night. On Tuesday during the Awards, cameras were not allowed. We were on the right side on the floor during the awards. All of the famous people sitting in the crowd were about 30 rows in front of us. When they would go up to get their awards we could see them get up and then they were gone!!


We love our Coke!!


We were given a trip to Las Vegas from Brian's boss!! Given as in PAID FOR!! We left the Monday after Mother's Day and came back on Wednesday. It was a fast and crazy trip. We went to the COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS!! My excitement level is still pretty high. Dr. Pepper sponsored the The Music Awards and Brian's boss was given these trips from their Dr. Pepper guy. Or what I like to call him THE MAN! From the moment we landed until the time we took off again everyone was so friendly . We stayed at the MGM Grand. The hotel was beautiful!! When we pulled up in front off the hotel Ronnie Dunn from Brooks and Dunn was standing outside. That was pretty cool. On Monday evening we went to the New Artists Awards party. The performances were amazing. They had Heartland, Kellie Pickler,Little Big Town,Craig Morgan,The Wreckers,Taylor Swift,Miranda Lambert and other artists that I can't remember. With all of the party's and awards things Dr. Pepper had planned there wasn't a lot of time for anything else. (Are you all playing that little violin for me!) We did manage to get a couple hours of sight seeing done Tuesday morning before we had to get dressed for the COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS!! Did I mention we went to the Country Music Awards. I know how annoying I'm being but I had three days and two nights with no children(who I love dearly) in Las Vegas, just please let me have my moment!! After the awards we went to yet another party and that was probably for me the best part. The performers just got up there and did their thing. Kenny Chesney just stopped by real quick to do a song. How cool is that.And Montgomery Gentry were awesome!! Of course the time went quick but we had a ball. The kids were all in one piece when we got home and I don't see any emotional scarring yet. My girlfriend who lives next door came and stayed at our house with the kids. Since we moved into this house she has been an angel with no wings!! My kids love her and she understands how my neurotic brain works.
Unfortunately, we have no stories that have to stay in Vegas. But there is always next time!! Yes, we are planning a next time!!

Science Olypaid Update!!

A few months ago I told everyone about how wonderful Alex's team did and that they were going to State finals. Well the Saturday before Mother's Day was the big day. Alex and his partner Jay competed in 3 activites and placed 2nd in one and 6th in the other. Alex's school had two teams competing Chapman Red(Alex's team) and Chapman Blue. There were about 100 teams there from the whole state of Georgia and DRUM ROLL PLEASE Alex's team "Chapman Red" WON 1st PLACE and took home the State Championship title!! Do you think I'm just a little proud!! I have no pictures from that day because I was at the Emergency room( I hurt my knee). And with the crazniess of the morning I forgot to give Brian the camera. Alex's team was taken for a pizza party the week after the competion during school. Alex and a boy from his team made a bet on who could eat the most red pepper flakes out of their hand without taking a sip of their drink. After Alex had 5 hand fulls of the peppers without a drink, one of the girls told the other boy. DA!! did you forget he is from Louisiana!! You might as well give up now!! I think for Alex the pepper eating victory was just as sweet as the State Championship Title!!

Jakob's Play!!

Jakob's Reading class put on 3 plays. Jakob was chosen to be in 2 of them. The first one was "The True story of The Three Little Pigs". Which made the pigs look like the bad guys and the wolf just had a bad case of seasonal allergies. Jakob was the announcer and one of the Narrators. The other play was "The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf". Jakob was the judge in that one. It was great! And let me tell you he took his job very serious. The kids had lots of lines to memorize and stage cues. They all did an amazing job.

Hannah's Ears!

Let's get those holes straight!!
Moms checking out the dots!!
This is her cheese face for MiMi!!
Hannah and Peyton

Hannah has been asking for about a year to get her ears pierced. I finally told her one day that when she turned 5 she could get them done. I explained to her that it was going to hurt a little bit. That she would have turn them and we would have to clean them. I was hoping that she would think it was to much work and forget about it. Not so!! So after she turned 5 she started asking again. And Brian and I finally agreed she could do it. When she got hers pierced two of my girlfriends were letting their daughters also do it. Needless to say out of the four girls that got it done, my child screamed after it was done. But since she has gotten it done she has been taking good care of them. And her momma and daddy are very proud of her!!

Batter Up!!!

Alex played baseball for the first time this year. I didn't realize how serious the game is at this age. The first couple of weeks, I felt like he was thrown into the Lion's Den. But my son was so impressive. He learned a lot about the game. Alex made some really nice friends. But most of all,he had so much fun!! During their 3rd game Alex started off with a good hit that got him to first base. With the two boys after him the bases were loaded. Then came the next batter who brought everybody home. And that was when I learned what a Grand Slam was. That evening after the game(WE WON) Alex was given the game ball. The coach told him he started off the good MO JO. Alex's personalty is just like his daddy's, he doesn't get very excited about many things. But there was a smile on my son's face that I will remember for a long time!!

Soccer Time!!

Going for the score!!

That's a cute Assistant Coach!

The Soccer Mom Posse!!