Thursday, July 31, 2008


Tomorrow Brian and I are leaving for Miami!! I should be packing right now but instead I'm blogging (note to self, get priorities straight!)
The kids and I have been going none stop today. We had all 3 meet and greets today.....FUN! My oldest son didn't even get his school supply list until this afternoon....FUN! We had the last of our doctor check up's this morning and we have been to the bank, dry cleaners, Wal-mart twice, Target, Kohl's, the mall, Abba Dabba's (they have the best selection of Croc's), Publix and football practice.....DID I MENTION FUN!!

So yes, now I'm ready to go to South Beach tomorrow. The kids are so excited to stay at my girlfriend's house and I have to say I'm not worried at all, I know they will be in GOOD hands! The weekend will go so fast. And then right when we get back, school starts the next day....

Now I'm going to pack, please keep my kids and my girlfriend in your prayers.
Also me, you know the whole flying, sinking, drowning, shark attack thing......FUN!!!!

Have a good weekend, I'll have all the details when we get home on Sunday!!

Did Superman have bladder issues?

Yesterday was a wonderfully exhausting day. We left our house at 9:00 a.m. to pick up Alex's friend, Jakob's friend came over the night before. We didn't get back to our house until 9:30 p.m. In between that time we rode all the BIG roller coaster at Six Flags, most importantly Goliath and Superman, here's a little tip for the Superman ride, if you hesitate even a little bit because of heights, don't do it. They turn you over so you are hanging down, like you are really flying. I felt a panic attack working its way through my nervous system, as we were being lifted hundreds of miles in the air. I couldn't help but feel like maybe I shouldn't of had that piece of pizza at lunch, that if this THING breaks open and I plummet to my death right here, was it the weight of the pizza that did it? Or human error?? As quickly as that thought was done, I started to feel the pressure in my bladder and I thought SERIOUSLY, I'm going to die by pizza consumption and pee on myself!! Then it was over!! That fast and that horrible for me! I like rides and roller coaster but Superman was not for me....
We sprinkled in lots of little rides through out the day also.
We left the park around 7:00 p.m. and headed to Outback, the Johnson family's FAVORITE!! We all had a good time at dinner, talking about our favorite rides, our scariest parts and just how great the day had been.
Last not after we dropped off all the kids and everyone was sweat and dirt free again (showers are a little slice of heaven, after days like this), Alex told me this was one of the best days he has ever had, being with his best friend and his family! AWWWWW!!! I know exactly how he felt!

I have to tell you all how wonderful Hannah was through the whole day. That baby stood in line quite a few times for almost an hour, for rides that she wasn't going to be riding. Last night in the tub, I told her how proud of her I was and just giving her some much deserved praise, she looked at me and said (in her Elvis Presley voice) " a thank ya, a thank ya very much" and then went on with our tea party.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So let me ask you a question?

I called my momma tonight, to find out how her new job is going and just to chat like we always do. So after we do our normal conversation, I tell her "Now let me ask you question" for those of you who don't know me very well, that could mean so many different things. It could be as easy as, do you like my new hair do? Or as bold as, do you think you really enjoy sex? My poor mother never knows whats going to come out of my mouth!!

Tonight it was a little more important, its about who gets my kids?

Last May was the first time Brian and I ever traveled out of state together without our kids. It was a quick, leave Monday morning and come home on Wednesday afternoon. But I felt like I was leaving for weeks.....I had fun while I was gone. But being away from them(my kids) for more than a night and in another state, is awkward to me.

So back to my question, what if something happens to me and Brian?
Who would get my kids?
Who would tell them that they are 3 of Gods most precious gifts?
Who would tell them that they alone, can move mountains and walk on water?
Who would tell them that their parents loved them more than anyone's words could ever describe?
That just looking into their eyes, brought their momma to tears almost daily.
That their smiles are my shooting stars!
Who would tell them that there is nothing in this world they can't do?
Who would know that Alex and Hannah don't like crust on their bread. That Jakob drinks milk with everything. That Hannah never brushes her teeth long enough, so you have to go back with her and help her. That Alex has to sleep with the radio on and Hannah can't sleep with a fan on. Jakob has to have breakfast right when he wakes up in the morning or he feels sick?
And that they have to finish College. NO MATTER WHAT!
Who would do all of this for me?

And of course my mother says, well I will Heidi. (just for the record, my mother is not neurotic at all. She is a very calm, caring person. She does not over step her bounds as a mother at all. She always tells me how she feels but its never in a judgemental way)
now onto her crazy neurotic daughter.....

I am scared to death about not being around to see my kids grow up. It is something that I lay awake at night thinking about a lot. I know that it comes down to control. When I don't have control over something in my life, it makes me a little crazy. Flying on a plane away from my kids, is one of those things.
I also feel that no one could do a better job at being Alex, Jakob and Hannah's momma than me.....
That being said, just for the record I don't want to die! I want to see my beautiful children turn into the most wonderful people in the world. And I know they will, no matter where I am. I JUST WANT TO SEE IT!!!

I also need to clarify that I am not really neurotic, neurotic being unstable. I am very stable, a little dizzy at times but very stable.

I really enjoy life, my life. I try and take nothing for granted in my everyday life. When I love someone I tell them. When something looks good or smells good or taste good, I take note of that and try and tell that person at that moment. Or shortly after.
I am very passionate about the people in my life. When I invest my time in something, it means something to me. I guess instead of calling myself neurotic, I need to say a very passionate person.
Or just a crazy momma!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Vintage Miami....WHATEVER!!

So I am about 90% ready for this weekend.
Not meaning I've packed anything or gotten things together. I won't be doing that until midnight on Thursday. When we went to Vegas last May, I didn't sleep at all the night before. So I figure why fight it, just pack then!! I'm almost ready because I have finally gotten the outfits together. (I think) We went back out tonight because the dress that I bought yesterday, wasn't so cute once we got home. I'm very excited about our finds tonight and was even more excited when I still liked them when we got home!!

My husband on the other hand, well lets just be honest...he is a pain in my right butt cheek. I asked him all weekend, to go and look at some NICER shorts and polo type shirts and something better than his 3 year old Target flip flops, that he wears FISHING! Did he go, of course not.
Tomorrow I am going to attempt to shop for him, including shoes. And then on Wednesday I will have to return almost everything I buy :)


Facing Our Fears!

Hannah politely informed me tonight, on our 2 attempt out to find me something to wear this weekend, (more about that later) that this week she is facing her fears!! What fears might a 6 year beauty have your wondering......shots and riding the red whirly on Wednesday at Six Flags. Tomorrow afternoon Hannah is getting one of her vaccinations. Last year she needed 6 at one time and I needed a bottle of Valium and a stiff drink after we were done. This year I'm hoping it will better, I'm sure the cute, young little nurses that were in there with us, made sure their birth control Rx's were filled that month :)

The red whirly thing (I'm not sure what the name of it is, so we call it the red whirly thing.) Last year Hannah was not able to ride the ride. This year her brothers informed her that she was now tall enough. She looked at me, as if to say, "momma say it ain't so!!" I told her if she did not want to ride it, she didn't have to. I could see the look in her eyes, these boys aren't going to have one up on she is doing the ride.

As we were talking about these things, I realized I'm also facing some of my fears this week.

Jakob is starting REAL football practice tomorrow. What he did a couple of weeks ago was a camp, it was still hard work. But the big boy stuff is about to start!! I'm a lot better about it, it makes it easier to see him enjoying it so much.

Both the boys are bringing a friend to Six Flags on Wednesday. Alex is bringing his friend Schuylar, yes its his girlfriend. I have met her a number of times and she is a great young lady. I have also met both her parents a number of times and they are delightful. Both the kids have been emailing each other all weekend about how excited they are (yes they email and yes I check it).....and then it dawned on me, my boy is going on his sort of "FIRST DATE".

Can I just get the shots instead????

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Last night as we were sitting at Mel and Mikes house, I'm watching the other moms with their babies. I call my children my babies because they always will be, but there were 4 children there under 2. I LOVE THAT AGE!! I have completely enjoyed every age of all 3 of my children (so far). By saying that I don't mean it has been all peachy colored roses, Jakob cried every minute of every day for the first 16 months of his life :)
I just loved having babies, I love holding my babies, I love watching their expressions when something is brand new for the 12Th time, I love being so exhausted you can't see straight the next day and still having to be super breakfast maker, master of the color in the lines and the magic puzzle maker with the other children in the house. I love devoting every minute of everyday to my babies, I love it all.

I remember when Alex was in Kindergarten, Jakob was 3 and Hannah was a newborn, Brian started to travel a bit more than he did before. I was at Alex's school one afternoon picking him up and one of the mom's that I was an acquaintance of told me I looked tired, like I needed some me time, keep in mind this woman had a house keeper/nanny and a lot of time to do nothing. I said oh, well when Brian's gone I can't really sleep that well and the baby had been really fussy the last couple of days. And she told me, TO MY FACE, as I am holding this little angel faced baby, I am so glad I'm not you, motioning her hand toward Hannah, I am SO OVER THE BABY THING! If you have given birth or not but have nurtured and loved a baby and watched them turn into this little people, how can you ever BE OVER IT? I turned to her and asked her "How's your housekeeper/nanny doing?" She didn't like me to much after that :) I didn't like her to much before that, so we where even..

The place where Brian and I and the kids are right now is a very nice place. The kids are pretty self sufficient. I still get the occasional"MOM can you help me!" But it feels like it is all moving on way to fast. When I hear women say oh I can't wait for them to do this and that. I always have a little smile because I wish I could still say that about those little things!
Now I'm just hoping I can make it through the, make sure your a gentleman and mom can I call Schuylar THING!

Daddy's boys!!

Brian took the boys to the Etowah River this morning. They didn't catch any good fish but by the looks of these pictures from Brian's phone and the stories they told us when they got home, no one really minded!!

The little things!

This morning Brian took the boys fishing and Hannah and I went and did a little shopping for my Miami trip next weekend...

Hannah and I had our windows down driving to Target this morning, as we were driving her beautiful blond curls were everywhere. We were taking this road, were they have horse stables and you can see the horses from the street. Everytime we go down this road, she gets so excited to see the horses. When we passed today, the BABY horse was out! She was over the moon with excitement. As I'm sitting at the red light looking into my rear view mirror at this beautiful creature (my daughter not the horse) squealing and just beaming from what she has just seen, I think to myself could this moment be any more perfect.

We shared a little personal pan pizza at Target, as we were finishing up our lunch Hannah begins to tell me which dress she thinks I should try on. She definitely has more faith in my body than I do :) we found a few things and I tried them on and WE were happy with my selections. As we were checking out, Hannah tells me "momma I can't wait to see the pictures of you in your new dress" I said well thank you baby, I'm glad you like the dress. She says "no momma I just like pictures of you as a lady because that's what I'm going to be one day!!" As I'm wiping the tears away and hugging my girl, I whispered to her "I love you, my smoochie." And she says "momma guess what?", of course I'm waiting to here I love you too, instead I get "CHICKEN BUTT!!" (Thanks Billy, for that one, she still loves to say that!)

So my question to myself this morning was answered, it just keeps getting better!!

Game Night!

waiting for the movie!!
Emily and Michael (the Lipani's)
Rona and Catrina
Jakob checking out the score!

The Dinsmore's, The Lipani's, The DeFusco's, The Hillman's and The Johnson's,
next time were going to try and get all 19 of us in the picture, that should be interesting!!

Our Louisiana group met up last night for another "Game Night" at the DeFusco's house. We had a great time. I call this group my Louisiana group but we actually should be called, "The Hot Blogging Louisiana mommas transplanted to Georgia." Doesn't that have a nice ring to it?! Anyway, we all have fun when were together, sometimes at each others expense but that's OK were all adults! ( OK some of us more than others :)

Hannah, Gracie and William got to watch the "Hannah Montana in 3D movie." We brought enough glasses so they all could enjoy the show.....and they did, a little bit anyway.

Here's our group:
us - The 5 Johnson's

The 3 Dinsmore's

The 4 Lipani's

The 4 DeFusco's....our gracious hosts for the game nights

The 3 Hillman's

19 people and 2 dogs, makes for a very interesting evening!! Maybe its the alcohol and food that's makes the evening so good, my vote goes to people!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Warning, this is nothing more than a VENT. This is going to be a pissed off woman, who is going to be rambling about things you won't understand. BUT that's OK because I will feel a lot better after!!
Tonight at dinner I was telling my HUSBAND about some things to do with the BLOG. As I am telling him my story, I can see it in his face that he is not at all getting what I'm talking about. As I'm going into the next part of my ever so important story he says, "what's the big deal its just a blog"!
As I am sitting there telling myself to breath and not hurt this man at my dining room table, he proceeds to say it again. I tried to explain to him that this is not just a blog, this has become something very personal and meaningful to me.
Everything on this blog is straight from my heart. If it didn't come straight from me, then I let everyone know who it came from(some people should learn from this!) It might not be the most interesting or thought provoking blog, but its my blog!! It's all about me, my family, friends and my feelings about this crazy life were living! I don't try and be anybody else or please anybody else(being FAKE has never been my thing)....
So when I'm telling him about something to do with this BLOG, how dare he say to me....IT'S JUST A BLOG!!
Instead of arguing even more, I put my tennis shoes on and walked. I went about a mile more than I usually go(so 2 miles more total). As I was walking listening to my, not so white girl music(On some days I am a black woman trapped in a white woman's body!!) I was thinking "should I blog about this NONSENSE"....then I thought what the hay. One of our husbands purposes in life is to piss us off occasionally,(I will admit I love to light a fire under his behind every now and again). I don't expect him to understand why certain thing are special to me. I also don't want him to slight them either....

Sorry about the rambling, I told you this was going to be nothing more than a VENT!
I actually have a few more VENTS in my EDITS that I haven't posted. Some are about my wonderful husband, some are about some other wonderful people who make me a little nutty sometimes.
After I type I feel a lot better. This is like a diary for me. I'm not a prude in anyway and don't mind sounding like a crazy person, every now and again!


Next weekend Brian and I are invited to go to Miami for a Vitamin water party. First I need to say THANK YOU SO MUCH LENA for taking care of my babies!!!

Next I need help with my problem. On the invite for one of the parties it said "VINTAGE MIAMI ATTIRE". I'm thinking what THONGS!!
SERIOUSLY, what does this mean??? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
I also need to start asking for some prayers, I have a few so bare with me:

1. That everything and everybody stays well and safe while we are gone.
2. That my plane takes off and lands and takes off and lands again safely, to bring me back to my babies!
3. That the boat that Brian and I are using to go DEEP SEA FISHING(yeah laugh now, I'm the girl who is scared to death about drowning and being eaten by a shark!) is in good working condition and doesn't capsize and sink, causing Heidi and Brian to drown and or eaten by a shark! I might be just a little nervous about this! I could of spent the day getting a massage and a facial but I'm choosing to go FISHING with my husband....if this doesn't put me in the running for WIFE of the YEAR, nothing will!(Well maybe a few other things but this is a family blog :)



My children and I love to "JAM" in the beast(this is the name my brother gave my truck and my kids love it!) as we drive down the road.....our latest favorite "JAM" is "Gone" by: Montgomery Gentry. Brian and I saw them live in Vegas when we were their for the CMA's and they were AWESOME(a little drunk but still AWESOME)
We have now turned my girlfriend Lena's kids into GONE JAMMERS as well! :):):)
If you see a champagne colored Yukon XL coming down the road with a bunch of really cute people singing and screaming don't be alarmed, its just the Johnson's HAVING A LITTLE FUN!!


The original SNAKE MAN!!
They were waiting for their "act" to be announced
The audience
more of the spectators!!

The other night we had a talent show in our house. The amount of TALENT my children have is unbelievable!!

We have a beauty queen who has a wonderful sense of style AND can hide pennies in her ear!

We have a tall handsome young man who can juggle multiple balls at one time(no comment from the peanut gallery please! :)

We also have a another handsome young man who can tame snakes!!


What about another handsome not so young man who also tames snakes!!
This much excitement and it wasn't even FRIDAY!!
I am one PROUD MOMMA!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birthday Pictures!

Doesn't he look good for an old man!!
giving daddy some birthday LOVE!!
"my adopted son" Blake had to be in one!!
Guess Who on the porch!

The kids and I made Brian, chicken spaghetti and broccoli for dinner. And his favorite lemon bundt cake!! We had a nice relaxing evening, with our kiddos!
With this weather we have been having in the evenings, who can complain??

Happy Birthday Honey, I hope you had a good one!

Happy Birthday To You!

yes those are snakes on his momma's sofa,all of the Johnson women are CRAZY!

Today is a very special day for 2 reasons. And those 2 reasons happen to be, my husband and my daddy's birthdays!! Neither my husband nor my dad like us to make a big deal about their day's! BUT IT IS A BIG DEAL!! I love birthdays, its a time to celebrate YOU!

Daddy I hope you have a wonderful day and ENJOY the day(at least a little), I wish we could be their with you. Since were not their were going to sing it anyway.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DADDY AND PAWPAW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! I hope you like the pictures I found, I thought they might bring just a little smile to your face!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Brian we hope you have a nice day(in meetings) and we will celebrate with all your favorites when you get home!!


Has anyone ever tried it? The Skinny Bitch cookbook has a lot of recipes calling for it. The recipes sound pretty good, we'll see!! The Johnson's might be TOFUing it this weekend!! SHHHH.. That's going to be our little secret...

Cody pictures!

Janelle sent these pictures to us of the growing baby!! He is getting so big and those CHEEKS, oh my word I want to squeeze um!! The top picture is the Kelly's Kids outfit I ordered from Rona (Dinsmore family blog). I love the outfit, it is adorable!! And of course my nephew is the most gorgeous thing EVER!!

Cheesecake Factory: $1.50/slice cheesecake--July 30!

I found this on I know where we will be having dinner next Wednesday! My family loves Cheesecake!
On July 30, 2008, in celebration of National Cheesecake Day and it's 30th anniversary, The Cheesecake Factory restaurants will offer every delicious slice of their more than 30 varieties of cheesecake for only $1.50 per slice! Limit one per person. (More details here.)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Any Ideas!!

My FEEDJIT Live Traffic feed is WRONG!! It has me coming up as Hollywood,Florida. I have deleted it and tried it again, a number of times but it keeps coming up like that. I contacted the support line for FeedIt and haven't heard anything back from them. When my neighbor and my girlfriend who live in my area log onto my page, it comes up Woodstock, Georgia. Has anyone had any problems like this? Any ideas??

Just Hanging!

getting ready to have some mawmaw and pawpaw time!!

These were two people who were going to have 24 hours with no kids!!

What's In A Number??

Last week on one of the radio stations here, they asked a question to their female listeners "What do you think is the best age to be a woman?" This radio station is geared more towards the teens, twenty somethings and thirty year old. (The afternoon Cindy and Ray show, that I love. Has become a lot more adult orientated conversations, so I only get to listen every couple of days:) They were hoping for some 40 years olds to call in, in the 20 minutes I listened to it, no one over 36 called.
I thought I would ask my blog girls this same question....I think we all feel that at whatever age we are at that time, it is the best. When I was in my early 20's I thought I knew EVERYTHING(and of course in my own little world I did) Now looking back I can laugh at how much I have learned from that time.
My answer to that question is, these past 2 years have been 2 of the best years in my life(of course I'm not counting my wedding or the birth of my 3 little cuties). I have loved being 30!! I will be 33 in a month and I am hoping it continues on as well as it has been.
I don't really get stressed at my age(now my children's ages, that's another story).
As I have gotten older I have noticed certain things about myself:

1. I don't sweat the small stuff in my life, my life is my life and I like it like that.

2. I don't have to be anything other than who I am, to be happy. I don't have a fancy title or degrees to hang on my wall and that's OK. I have precious hours logged into my brain of nothing more than just putting together a Barney puzzle with Alex while sharing a peanut butter sandwich with Jakob sitting on my lap while Hannah was in my belly kicking him! THAT IS PURE GOLD!!

3. I am as confident as a wife, as I am as a mother. I know that is kind of ass backwards but when Brian and I got married I was scared to death, am I going to be a good wife, am I going to be all that he needs in a wife. I obviously had self esteem issues to work out and I feel like in the last 5 years I have gotten all that straight. When I gave birth for the first, second and third time, I never had a doubt in my mind that I wasn't going to be the best momma for this little baby. I guess I took on "Motherhood" like some people take on their careers. And I have been proudly employed for almost 13 years and many, many more to go!! Some of you don't understand that but that's OK because I don't sweat the small stuff :)

4. I don't waste my time on nonsense, drama or just acquaintances, I've had "friends" before that at the end of the day I would say to myself....WHY do you talk to this person?
My few close friends are people that I LOVE and that I would trust my children's lives with! And all of my juicy details!! :)
My other girls are people for some reason or another, have become a part of my heart.

5. My last thing that I have learned is NEVER SAY NEVER!!
I never thought I would move and be happy(hellooo welcome to Georgia)!
I never thought my kids would be in a public school....
I never thought I would have an open, honest, respectful relationship with my mother, but I do and I thank God for that everyday!
And for HEAVEN SAKES I never thought I would actually like broccoli and salad!( when you get a little older the hips and thighs aren't as forgiving as they use to be :)

I hope that I continue to learn as the years go on. I try and remember to stop and breath in this exact moment because it will be gone in a flash!
I also hope that as the years go on, I can continue to not live in the past and savor the present and be thankful for the future!

I hope all you females(young and old) have a wonderful Monday!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What's this NO kids??

Brian and I had our wedding anniversary on Tuesday and his parents were nice enough to watch the kids for us last night so we could celebrate. We went to Copeland's for dinner and then went to a movie. In true Heidi and Brian fashion, what was suppose to be a 20 minute drive to the movie theatre turned into an hour of turning up and down the same streets over and over again. Our map quest directions weren't very helpful. Our location was suppose to be on Upper Roswell, but instead it was off of Johnson's Ferry and Roswell. Brian wanted to see What Happens in Vegas. We didn't know at the time it had been out for awhile, the theatre we went to was called Merchant's Walk(I think), we actually found another theatre with almost the same name along the way. The shows prices are $1.75 after 6 pm. Because they have already been out for awhile. The movie was very funny!! And my husband and I never seem to stop laughing at each other!!
When we woke up on Sunday morning to no children in the house, we did what any red blooded American people would do....NO not that,you guys have a nasty mind!! We rode our bikes to breakfast, yes rode bikes. HAVE YOU STOPPED LAUGHING YET? Now let me tell you it was 8 miles total, with wonderful Georgia HILLS...yeah that's right!! (I'm feeling a little cocky)It wasn't the prettiest sight but I DID IT! My behind isn't very happy with me right now(bike seats SUCK!!) But I felt wonderful after. I have been jogging and walking about 4 times a week in the late evenings, so I thought these wouldn't be that bad. Well I was wrong.... We had a blast though, we always do when were together. I'm free entertainment for my husband!! He was very encouraging when we were going up what we call the "Mt. Everest Hills".
After our bike ride we came home put some new rocking chairs together and started our next painting project!! We had a wonderful 24 hours of no kiddo's!!
Thanks Ms. C and Mr. J for watching the kids, they had a blast fishing, coloring, working on the club house and of course their favorite was Monster Golf!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Skinny B@#$%

While my kids play their sports I do a lot of waiting and waiting and you get the idea. I try and use that time to get some Reading in....Right now I'm reading Skinny Bitch by:Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. This book is HILARIOUS. I'm only about have way through it, I'm hoping to be done by tomorrow(its not long, right over 200 pages). It is two woman who have turned Vegan and use vulgar humor to explain all the nasty stuff that we put into our bodies!!

About 5 years ago I started researching organic fruits and veggies and snacks for my kids. At the time in Louisiana the only place I could find that stuff was at was Whole Foods.(Yes all my friends thought I was crazy and I think I was called hippy and granola, pretty often)

I'm fortunate now because more people see the benefits to eating and making healthier choices, so the items aren't as hard to find anymore!

This book is a little over the top, so you have to take it with a grain a salt. But it does have a lot of good information in it. I have used a lot of the organic products they talk about, so I'm familiar with the names. It you want to get a good laugh and even better information, then I highly recommend this book....their follow up book is Skinny Bitch in the kitchen. I let you know about that one next week!

Happy Reading!!