Sunday, July 20, 2008

What's this NO kids??

Brian and I had our wedding anniversary on Tuesday and his parents were nice enough to watch the kids for us last night so we could celebrate. We went to Copeland's for dinner and then went to a movie. In true Heidi and Brian fashion, what was suppose to be a 20 minute drive to the movie theatre turned into an hour of turning up and down the same streets over and over again. Our map quest directions weren't very helpful. Our location was suppose to be on Upper Roswell, but instead it was off of Johnson's Ferry and Roswell. Brian wanted to see What Happens in Vegas. We didn't know at the time it had been out for awhile, the theatre we went to was called Merchant's Walk(I think), we actually found another theatre with almost the same name along the way. The shows prices are $1.75 after 6 pm. Because they have already been out for awhile. The movie was very funny!! And my husband and I never seem to stop laughing at each other!!
When we woke up on Sunday morning to no children in the house, we did what any red blooded American people would do....NO not that,you guys have a nasty mind!! We rode our bikes to breakfast, yes rode bikes. HAVE YOU STOPPED LAUGHING YET? Now let me tell you it was 8 miles total, with wonderful Georgia HILLS...yeah that's right!! (I'm feeling a little cocky)It wasn't the prettiest sight but I DID IT! My behind isn't very happy with me right now(bike seats SUCK!!) But I felt wonderful after. I have been jogging and walking about 4 times a week in the late evenings, so I thought these wouldn't be that bad. Well I was wrong.... We had a blast though, we always do when were together. I'm free entertainment for my husband!! He was very encouraging when we were going up what we call the "Mt. Everest Hills".
After our bike ride we came home put some new rocking chairs together and started our next painting project!! We had a wonderful 24 hours of no kiddo's!!
Thanks Ms. C and Mr. J for watching the kids, they had a blast fishing, coloring, working on the club house and of course their favorite was Monster Golf!

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