Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Braves Fans!!

waiting for autographs,with no luck. Maybe next time!
they wanted a ball so bad!!
me and my baby
on the field
in front of the Braves dug out!!
in line getting ready to run!!
my little Braves girl!
She was pooped!!

As most of you know by now my boys are HUGE Braves fans. And Hannah and I have gotten use to the SUITE life, so we also enjoy the games!! This week we got a chance to go to two games, my week was crazy enough but I know how much the kids love to go. Tuesday when the tornado's were coming through we were sitting at Turner Field waiting for the game to start, they ended up pushing the game back. It was suppose to start at 7:05 but because of the weather it didn't start until 8:50!! Lets just say that will be a game we won't forget. This Sunday when we went it wasn't nearly as crazy. It was a very LONG day. We went early with the hopes of luck. Apparently 1 hour and a half is not early enough. So next time we will try for 2 hours early. Just so you know Alex's guy is Brian McCann, Jakob's is Chipper Jones and Hannah's (I have no idea how to spell it) Yunel Escbar. She just loves to say his name!! Anyway after the games on Sunday's the kids can run the bases. Hannah was so excited to do this. I always say my daughter is a well dressed tom boy. In these pictures she on the field in her beautiful Kelly's Kids dress(thanks Ms. Melanie for recommending this one, it fits perfect) running the bases..I love it! Hannah and I left the game during the 8th inning to stand in line, the line was a hour long when we got there. By the time we got to the bases people at the end will have been in line for 3 hours. So my suggestion get in line early. For us one hour was perfect, I asked her twice are you sure you want to stand in line for a hour and her response was yes momma I want to go on the field. So we did and she ran them and then got a tshirt that said what else but I RAN THE BASES AT TURNER FIELD! The last picture sums up the whole day. We were all exhausted but we had such a good day together!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Poor Mr. Chris(bad Ms. Lena)

Into the 8 feet she goes!
We ended the very crazy week with a pool party at Lena's house. Well we say its a party because between the 3 families there were 14 of us and we are all a little crazy, so PARTY!! It was a little chilly Friday evening but the kids didn't care. And of course Hannah was the first one in the pool and the last one out.

Hannah's End Of The Year Party!

This was the smile that I got when I got to her party,it made all my craziness fade away!!

Hannah got Silly Stringed

Ms. Sandidge, Hannah and Ms. Dodelin
Hannah's end of the year party and program was on Friday, almost the same time as my end of the year party at the preschool. But that's why I work 2 minutes from my children's school because I always have to be in all 3 places at one time...sorry about my rambling but I did tell you it has BEEN A WEEK!!
Hannah's class played games and had dirt sundaes then we went back inside and they sang songs about being ready for first grade and how they have learned so much and grown so much over the past year. She did a great job and was so excited to finally get to do her songs for me. I checked her out after and brought her back to my school with me and as we were walking around she was telling me what she remembered about Hillside. Then it hit me, my baby is really going to first grade..ALREADY. Okay seriously god, lets go back to one of my older posts when I described Hannah getting on the bus for the first time going to Kindergarten. It went something like my heart being ripped from my chest and that was after I calmed down.
The simple fact is I don't want my children to not want or need me. That is the plain old truth. I am also learning that as they get older they need me for different reasons. And she is my baby girl, so everything is magnified more because she is the last one to do it.
All three of them are my world and everyday I thank god for giving me these wonderful creatures. I will never apologizes for being crazy or even a little narotic about my kids. I only get one chance to be a momma and that's not something I take for granted.

My Hillside Girls!!

Stephanie and I
Kim, Me and Tammy

I had to share these special ladies with you all. These are my Hillside girls. Stephanie is the teacher that I work with every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And Kim and Tammy are assistance's like me and my carpool buds!! Friday was our last day of class for the preschool, we have to clean out our rooms next week(FUN). I really do love my job(the pay stinks) but I also enjoy sharing my time with these wonderful ladies!!

Jakob's Play!

Jakob and his buds!!

Jakob had a play this week. It was about different songs and cultures in the world. They sang songs in all kinds of different languages and did that native dance. Jakob had 3 different speaking parts, he did a great job!! Brian and I were very proud of him!!

Hannah's first swim meet!

waiting for her first event!
Hannah and Chloe
waiting on the block

look at that form!

Having a snack waiting for the Backstroke
look at my baby go!

Can I do some more momma?!!

Let me first start with saying that I think this has been the CRAZIEST week we have ever had!! That is very strange to say because our days are pretty full and I can take it but this week (I'll be honest, it kicked my butt!!) And the sad thing is we still have one more week of school!!

I forgot to post about last weeks baseball. The last I put was Alex was going to play the second day in the tournament. Well we lost that day. So we were knocked out but we had such a great season and the boys all worked so well together. This is a hard group to let go. The kids all got along so well and the mommas also!! We were all sad but that's how it goes....Hannah got to go to Gracie's party on that Sunday thanks to the Lipani's. Thanks guys, Hannah had a blast at the party!!

Now that that is all taken care of, Hannah had her first swim meet on Thursday at Bentwater(The Dinsmore's subdivision) Hannah swam Freestyle and Backstroke in the second heat of both. She placed 5th in free and 2nd in back. I was a little nervous when we got there because their pool was longer than ours and also their starting blocks are higher. She didn't notice any of that...she had so much fun and wanted to do more races!! I think that swimming might be her thing. She loves it!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Okay so I think I got everything updated. For while there I didn't have a real camera, I was using those throw away cameras and getting pictures from Lena and Mr. Johnny(Thank You). So I'm back on track.

This weekend is our last weekend of Baseball YEAH!! Alex's team finished the season in 1st place and Jakob's finished in 2nd. They both started their tournaments yesterday. Alex's team won so they play again today. Jakob's team lost so unfortunately he is done. If Alex wins today then they play tomorrow night and that's the championship. I will keep you all posted.

This Thursday is Hannah's first swim meet, she has been having practice everyday after school. Last week they had a trial run of what the meet is going to be like, so the new kids can see how crazy it is. Hannah wasn't worried about any of the craziness, she got in did her event and waited for the next one. I don't think she understands the whole thing of being timed and 1st 2nd and 3rd. She really just loves to swim, I watch her in amazement!

Guitar Hero Baby!!