Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Braves Fans!!

waiting for autographs,with no luck. Maybe next time!
they wanted a ball so bad!!
me and my baby
on the field
in front of the Braves dug out!!
in line getting ready to run!!
my little Braves girl!
She was pooped!!

As most of you know by now my boys are HUGE Braves fans. And Hannah and I have gotten use to the SUITE life, so we also enjoy the games!! This week we got a chance to go to two games, my week was crazy enough but I know how much the kids love to go. Tuesday when the tornado's were coming through we were sitting at Turner Field waiting for the game to start, they ended up pushing the game back. It was suppose to start at 7:05 but because of the weather it didn't start until 8:50!! Lets just say that will be a game we won't forget. This Sunday when we went it wasn't nearly as crazy. It was a very LONG day. We went early with the hopes of luck. Apparently 1 hour and a half is not early enough. So next time we will try for 2 hours early. Just so you know Alex's guy is Brian McCann, Jakob's is Chipper Jones and Hannah's (I have no idea how to spell it) Yunel Escbar. She just loves to say his name!! Anyway after the games on Sunday's the kids can run the bases. Hannah was so excited to do this. I always say my daughter is a well dressed tom boy. In these pictures she on the field in her beautiful Kelly's Kids dress(thanks Ms. Melanie for recommending this one, it fits perfect) running the bases..I love it! Hannah and I left the game during the 8th inning to stand in line, the line was a hour long when we got there. By the time we got to the bases people at the end will have been in line for 3 hours. So my suggestion get in line early. For us one hour was perfect, I asked her twice are you sure you want to stand in line for a hour and her response was yes momma I want to go on the field. So we did and she ran them and then got a tshirt that said what else but I RAN THE BASES AT TURNER FIELD! The last picture sums up the whole day. We were all exhausted but we had such a good day together!

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