Tuesday, December 29, 2009

273 of 365 memories...crazy in love

My son Jakob is the child that is like me in SO many ways. He is completely driven like his father but everything else is pretty much me. He and I bump heads more than the other 2. Neither one of us "can just let it go."

He loves to make me crazy.
Some days he is a real pain in the butt, that I LOVE more than the stars in the sky.
Some days he spends more time in his room, than outside.
Some days he walks in the kitchen and takes the potato peeler and starts to help me because he knows that I have 3 balls in the air and one is about to drop.

More than the stars in the sky!

272 of 365 memories....when the walls come tumbling down

I promised Hannah that we could make a Gingerbread house this year. I know I know, I'm horrible because I've never made a Gingerbread house with my kids and yes I'm even worse because it came straight from a box. There is NO part of my tired old bones that wants to make a gingerbread house from scratch. Sorry Martha :)

here we go! "Mom, do you think we should read the directions first?"
directions?? NAH!!

serious face means no time for gang symbols peace signs
it's beautiful!!
we are so proud!!

UMMM mom!!
OOPS, maybe we should of read the directions :)

271 of 365 memories...say cheese, yeah right!

My daughter is ALWAYS picture ready. With a smile and some sort of gang sign peace sign of sorts and she ALWAYS has good hair.
Me not so much :)
This was on the first Monday of our Christmas break. After studying for what seemed like YEARS for my finals, after New York, after 3 kids Christmas parties one at which a child projectile vomited and lucky for me I have quick hands, after hosting a WONDERFUL cookie party, after going to Tennessee to see the Santa guy, after shopping AGAIN, after another trip to the post office because I forgot to label the first package, after I mailed 3 more cards to people that I forgot about, after fighting a woman for the last Pillsbury pie crust because I REFUSED to set foot in another store the rest of the week (YEAH RIGHT).
I'm OLD people and I'm TIRED and according to this picture I need to invest in some REALLY good fine line, hell who am I kidding, some industrial strength wrinkle cream!

I'm glad that the days after this picture were stress free.
I also know that everything I mention above, is ALL my own doing.
I love every minute of the holidays and I will cherish every wrinkle fine line :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

270 of 365 memories....just a little piece

My kids and I had our very first Steak n Shake experience last week. When I have said in the past, that we've never gone. The people around here look at me as if I'm not of this planet. So now I'm officially whatever it is after you eat at this place (I'm guessing 5 pounds heavier and on my way to Plavix :)

Sadly, all I kept thinking of was that song, "My Milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard".
Don't act like YOU DON'T KNOW THAT ONE :)

The kids gave it 2 thumbs up (there were milkshakes involved :)

Milkshake memories, gotta love it!!!

269 of 365 memories...Polar Express

she was just a little excited to go!

I was too!

the kid crew

Hannah and mawmaw and pawpaw

Natalie and Pat drove with their babies from Madisonville, La. to do this train ride!

me, Brian and our boys

me and my girl

patiently waiting for the "special guest"

even when their being goofy, they're still 2 handsome punks :)


Jakob being assaulted by the North Pole queen, TRUST ME he deserved it :)

Christmas Carols

Alex LOVES Christmas carols!!

sing it girl!

love those lips!

Hannah and I's fake Ugg's

wait a minute, no one is killing, poking, he or she is touching me each other!
It's a Christmas miracle!

Sunday before Christmas we went to Chattanooga, Tn. with Brian's parents and some Louisiana friends to experience the Polar Express train ride.

The boys had more fun laughing at everything, but Hannah LOVED it!
It was a great family evening!
Thanks Ms. C and Mr. J for a great evening!

268 of 365 memories...WHO DAT cookie party!

can you say sugar coma?

Ms. Maren! I got a smile!!

me and my girl (Lena)

Rona and Ron

the girls (minus Mel, we missed you girl!)

Mason, this kid has a 1000 watt smile! LOVE IT!

watching the Saints game.

Brian and I have hosted a cookie party for the last 3 years. This year I was thinking that it might not happen. I was speaking aloud to myself one day about Alex's birthday, New York, Christmas concerts, etc and happen to say MAYBE we won't do the cookie party this year. The moans and screams that followed from my 3 children were so painful, I thought that one of the flying squirrels in our attic was being attacked by Jakob's 6 foot red tailed boa. Animal Kingdom ala Johnson's :)

I rechecked the calendar and made it work. It fell on the night of the Saints game, which was very appropriate, seeing as though more than half the guests attending know that a "Sex On the Beach in a to go cup" is NOT a pick up line!

Our team didn't win, but it was a GREAT night!

Great friends, great family, great food, great memories!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

267 of 365 memories...start spreading the news!!

We were soaked to the bone and were really just wanting to climb in our nice comfy bed bug free bed and call it a night. But instead we went to dinner and finished our evening of sight seeing. We had a YUMMY dinner at a beautiful pizza place. The building use to be a cathedral. Stain glass windows and all, were there to welcome us. BEAUTIFUL! Then my hubby and I walked hand hand down Time Square and just enjoyed making memories :)