Monday, December 28, 2009

269 of 365 memories...Polar Express

she was just a little excited to go!

I was too!

the kid crew

Hannah and mawmaw and pawpaw

Natalie and Pat drove with their babies from Madisonville, La. to do this train ride!

me, Brian and our boys

me and my girl

patiently waiting for the "special guest"

even when their being goofy, they're still 2 handsome punks :)


Jakob being assaulted by the North Pole queen, TRUST ME he deserved it :)

Christmas Carols

Alex LOVES Christmas carols!!

sing it girl!

love those lips!

Hannah and I's fake Ugg's

wait a minute, no one is killing, poking, he or she is touching me each other!
It's a Christmas miracle!

Sunday before Christmas we went to Chattanooga, Tn. with Brian's parents and some Louisiana friends to experience the Polar Express train ride.

The boys had more fun laughing at everything, but Hannah LOVED it!
It was a great family evening!
Thanks Ms. C and Mr. J for a great evening!

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