Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Their my lumps and I'd like to keep them please!

Before I start with my lumpy breasts.

Can I just say if I here one more person say "Oh you moved to HOTLANTA", people I'm from LOUISIANA, we don't need to put hot in front of anything because we don't need to be reminded about how HOT it is.

Georgia is not hot. There is one month of really hot weather, the other months aren't that bad. Believe me I know the difference.

Right now it is October 28 at 1:00 in the afternoon and it is 43 DEGREES!! 1:00 IN THE AFTERNOON, explain to me where the hot is??

I'm ranting and venting, yes I know.
Georgia is BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE IT HERE. We were given an opportunity to move back recently to Louisiana and we declined because we LOVE Georgia, but for God sake's can people stop with the Hotlanta already!!

OK, now back to my lumps.

I have always had lumpy breasts. I remember the first time I did my own breast exam and I thought oh man I'm in trouble! I need to find out what is normal and what is not.......so I did.

On my "sperm donors" side of the family(that's a story for another day) a couple of the woman have had breast problems, so my mom has also made me very aware of my breasts and to make sure I started early with my exams....... THANKS MOM :):)

About 5 years ago my doctor found a cyst in my left breast. Nothing to be concerned about, I was told to have ultrasounds every 6 months just to watch it. OK fine sounds good. In the first year it got a little bit bigger (were talking like .something in millimeters) my body was still changing from having Hannah. It has been the same size ever since.

So what's my problem?

My left breast ALWAYS hurts. Sometimes it's worse than others, but it's always sore. I was told originally that it was the cyst, then I was told my tissues are very dense and that along with the cyst, those are the reasons for my pain.

Last month at my annual gyn exam, my doctor talked to me about getting the cyst removed.

OUCH, doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me.
She gave me the info for a breast specialist and explained to me because of the "family history" she would like me to see them.

I went today and saw a second doctor and was totally put to ease. You know when certain people(especially doctor's)talk to you, you feel like their looking through you.
These people didn't, they were WONDERFUL!

They went over all my old ultrasounds and then walked me through a new ultrasound and explained all my lumps and pains in my breasts.
She explained to me, that I have a pocket of EXTREMELY dense tissue and right when she got to that part, the pain started. She showed me on the ultrasound the difference in the "normal" tissue and then the "denser" tissue.
We will continue to watch my cysts, yes I have more than one now, she recommended not removing them. There not the "bad one's" and they will cause scar tissue and contribute more pain to my already painful situation.

She did recommend that I stop ALL CAFFEINE, after I beat her to the ground with my Chick Fil A sweet tea cup, I explained to her that might not be an option :):)

She understood completely, did she really have a choice? She didn't want that cow to come at her again.....(I swear I didn't have a cup and I most definitely would not of wasted it by assaulting someone with it)

I am going to start on a high dose of Evening Oil of Primrose twice a day and then go back in 3 months and see if we have any improvements......

I've been a bit nervous about what they might find and what they might want to do to me. I'm so glad I went and had my mind put to ease.(well about this anyway, Jakob has to go to the orthopedist on Thursday) more about that story later!!

I can not stress enough, I know were all young and don't always think about this but, check yourself OFTEN!

Get familiar with your TA-TA'S!!

Believe me mine aren't very wonderful but their mine and I love them!!

If you notice any changes or sore spots, talk to your doctor about them. If you don't feel like you got the right answer, try another doctor.

Breast cancer is such a horrible disease and if caught early enough, it can be STOPPED.

I have a friend from work who found out she had breast cancer when she was pregnant with her third child, she was in her late 20's! Last year she found out it has returned. She is a mother of 3 and in her mid 30's and has STAGE 4 cancer right now.
She reminded me the other night when we all got together to celebrate her walking the 60 mile breast cancer walk this past weekend, she is LIVING with stage 4 cancer, but it's not RUNNING her life. She is such an awesome woman and is hopefully going to prove all her doctor's wrong!

This CAN happen to anyone, I just pray that it does not.....


Monday, October 27, 2008

2 hours and 15 minutes

That's how long I stood in line today to vote.

My girlfriend from work and I, went and did the early voting today after we got off of work.

It was cold and we were tired, as was everyone else in line.

No one complained (well we might of said at one point that our fingers were numb and hot chocolate magically appearing would be totally awesome) we all just stood there, talking about our day, talking about what activities we had with our children in the evening and what we were doing about dinner that night.

No one complained because we know that this is a RIGHT that we as Americans have. No one today was taking that for granted.

On Tuesday I will have a FREE day with my babies :):)

And no matter who wins, I know that my little voice was heard!!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

MarshmallowEEEE FUN!!

2 kids

one bag

of marshmallows

for hot chocolate.....

make that 3 kids!



Friday, October 24, 2008

They Say That Breaking Up Is Hard To do!!

How do you explain to your pre teenage son that sometimes GOOD people just make BAD decisions.

Alex's little "friend" broke up with him on Monday. They have been liking each other since February. This is the girl from the Homecoming pictures. They don't talk on the phone, (lets remember he is only 12!) over the summer he and a friend met her and one of her friends at the show. The first time her parents stayed, the second time myself and 2 of my girlfriends stayed. They would talk in school and this year she joined the band because she found out Alex was in it.

As with any story "with girls there will be drama" each day the story changed.....

Monday Alex came home and said guess what mom, Schuyler broke up with me.....
She said she just wants to be friends and Alex told her that was a good idea because they don't really do anything anyway......

Tuesday he asked 2 of her friends if they knew why she did it and they said, she told them he didn't really act like he liked her (I was happy to hear that). He said well yeah I probably didn't act like it........

Wednesday he comes home and says all the girls are acting very weird towards him and he is really confused because he didn't do anything to any of them....... ( I explained to him FEMALES are crazy and we stick together no matter who is wrong)

Thursday (the truth finally is revealed) Alex finds out from one of their mutual friends (who is a boy) that Schuyler has been liking someone else for awhile now. When he tells me who the other boy is, I then have to remember that I am the adult and say oh well don't worry about it, when my insides are screaming has she lost her mind that kid is SOOOO not cute! My son then asks me, mom why do you think she went to Homecoming with me? If she likes someone else?
My first thought was because girls at 12 are BITCHES and should be punished!! Even though I pride myself on being honest with my kids, I thought that comment might be a little harsh :):)

Alex was more upset that this was one of his friends (they were buds before all of this nonsense) and he feels like she just could of told him the truth. Were all about the truth in this house, even if it hurts!

I'm hoping today when he gets home there won't be more to the story....

We talked last night about his feelings and how this stuff is all (unfortunately) apart of life. Every bump in the road makes you the person that one day will be a wonderfully smart, handsome, great man!! (and she will be eating her heart out, OK now I'm just being bad)

I truly do believe everyday is a lesson. Not being able to kiss the bo bo and make it better is the hardest thing EVER as a parent, IT SUCKS!!

And even though these things are trivial, there HUGE to him. And us as parents we are suppose to support them and try and make them understand that WE REALLY DO UNDERSTAND!! We have all been through these things and it will be OK......

My recipe to help fix a cracked heart, Dinner in front of the T.V (which is a RARE treat in our house) watching a movie!! Homemade chicken patty sandwich's, fresh corn on the cob, peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. I'm also going to let him (Alex) light the fireplace tonight, mommas bringing out the big guns!

I still remember my first heart break, 7th grade, Anthony Reiss. It's not really an interesting story, for God sakes people I was only in 7th grade!!

Now if you want a story, I've got a story, about this little skinny white girl named Heidi and this little skinny white boy with a MOUND of hair named Brian.......well were still making our story, only Heidi's not so skinny and Brian's not so moundy on the hair. I have a feeling it's going to end with AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!

What's your first experience with heartbreak?????

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh yeah and we did see the animals!!

The Lion cubs, SOOOO CUTE!

The family

Hannah said, "mom, he looks like he is having a bad day." take a guess what this little Lemar was cleaning, one clue, he was a little happy to see himself!! UMMM yeah, keep on walking kids!!

Meercat Manor


we just couldn't get enough of the baby lions

the owls head turned all the way around (he was beautiful but a little freaky)

the girls watching him turning his head (I told the girls if we stood there and made some noises that he would turn and look at us, after a few minutes one of the girls in our group said, "Hannah I think your mom doesn't know about owls." Before I could even say "OH NO SHE DIDN'T", the owl turned its head..... and then Hannah said "my mom knows ALL about stuff!" You tell her baby!

It was such a BEAUTIFUL day!!

The daddy panda

A day with my girl!!

yes we are so WHITE, that we glow!!

look at those EYES!!!

Last week on Thursday Hannah's class had a field trip to the zoo. And I was picked as a chaperone!! Last year I was not picked for either one of her field trips and IT KILLED ME!! That is really when I miss my small little Catholic school in Louisiana, I didn't have to follow any of the rules there :)
It was such a beautiful day and I had a blast spending the day with my girl!!
I so miss having her home with me, let me stop now because I have no Kleenex near me :)

The more the merrier!

Emily had more fun knocking them down!!


as you can see these poor kids got no attention at all!

biscuits, bacon and eggs OH MY!!

nothing sweeter than a baby playing with his feet!

these next 2 are my favorites!

More catching up.....

2 weekends ago we watched The DeFusco's babies while Mel worked and Mike played tennis. Of course we hated every minute of having to love all over them :)

Watching my 3 children help the little ones, just melts my heart. It also is so bitter sweet because I remember when they were that little.....

I know spare you all, all the OH WOE IS ME, MY BABIES ARE GROWING CRAP!!


We had such a great time with the kids.

I added a link for the DeFusco's but you have to be in the SUPER COOL kids club to go on her blog. If you want to beg, I will forward any requests you have!!

Just A Little Piece!!

Will the person from Denham Springs invite me on their blog, if I say PLEEEEEASE!!!

Jakob's Homecoming Game!!

Jakob was one of the captains that day for the game.....

the 2 cutest cheerleaders!!

Our weekend with Gracie

I'm going to be playing a bit of catch up, so bare with me.....

3 weekends ago we watched our friends The Dinsmore's daughter Gracie, while they were jet setters for a SUPER QUICK weekend.
Ron is a HUGE Notre Dame fan, they got a chance to go to South Bend and see a Notre Dame game.
How COOL is that??

So little Ms. Gracie got to get some loving from the Johnson family!! Hannah was so EXCITED to have her friend sleep over (for not just one day momma but TWO WHOLE DAYS!) Did I mention she was a little excited??

Like any other weekend we had an action packed one.
Friday night Jakob's Football team had their Homecoming party. The kids got to run around all evening and play. They all had a blast!!

That night when it was time to read some bedtime stories after the girls had their baths, I could see that our weekend guest was getting a little unsure about the sleeping arrangements. (We pulled out Hannah's trundle bed and the girls were planning on "camping" in there......
Well the "camping in Hannah's room" plans changed and the girls slept with me in my bed. Hannah even let Gracie sleep in the COVET middle spot!!

As you can see there was no room for poor Mr. Brian, so he ever so nicely slept in the guest bedroom.
Have I told you guys lately how wonderful my husband really is??

The next morning the girls helped me make breakfast and then we were off to Jakob's Football game....

That afternoon the boys went to the lake and the girls and I decided to stay home and make some "jewelry" (I still don't think I have thanked M. Rona enough for bringing that over :)
While I, I mean the girls were making their bracelets, Gracie told us that she doesn't play this game at home because it gives her momma a headache (HMMMMM, YOU THINK!!) I still love you Rona :)
didn't I they do a good job?!

On Sunday we hung out at the house the kids played and we had some lunch and YUMMY Frosty's!!

The weekend went by so quickly and Gracie was such a good girl!! (I know her parents were a little worried)
Whenever you guys need a little jet setting weekend again, just let us know!

Funky Carpet Party, See You There!!

This past weekend I was looking on line for a few decorating ideas. I really don't know why I even bother to look, because I can't ever envision what I'm seeing, in my house.
I'm definitely a see it, feel it, taste it girl.

All the pictures of these ideas were of course in these beautiful homes, with the GRAND staircase. The most beautiful floors were all throughout the house and of course the KITCHEN (give me a minute to catch my breath please) the kitchens were just GORGEOUS!!

I'm looking at these houses going man, I wish I had something like that.

And then I try and snap myself back to reality.
I do have something like that, not THAT. Not GRAND staircases and my kitchen is certainly not going to take any one's breath away.

But we have A LOT.
And I'm very thankful that we do......

Our first house was about 1000 square feet and we were in that house until our THIRD child was 17 months old.
Were we cramped, SURE.
Did I wish everyday for YEARS that one day I would have 1. a BIG house, YES
2. a front porch, YES
3. a big tub, YES
4. more cabinets than I needed, YES

So now I have that and I'm still wishing for something else, a newer house with bigger and better things.

When does it ever stop??

Were having a Halloween party at our house and I have been obsessed with trying to get our carpet in family room replaced before then. The carpet that the previous owners put down was not a good quality and 3 years of my children and animals living in this house (mainly our family room) has shown through!!
Almost all the people that are coming have been to my house before and have seen my UGLY carpet, so why am I stressing over it?
I don't have any earthly idea.
I know there not coming to see my house, there coming to have fun and enjoy an evening with friends!

God, has had the last laugh in all of this, I am always telling my kids don't worry about MATERIAL things, it doesn't make up who you are. Well apparently he wanted me to live by my own words!!

My carpet guy can't come until AFTER Halloween and a piece of furniture that I have been waiting for, for my front formal living room is still on back order.....


Friday, October 17, 2008

The kindness of strangers....

I have not been on my home computer at all day today....which is HUGE for me. I have checked my emails twice from my phone (because you know I'm such an important person and I might miss the latest chain letter that has been sent to me).

Tonight when I finally got on to REALLY look at my emails and then got on my blog to see what you guys have been up to, I see that I have emails and comments that have just warmed my heart!!

First let me tell you that BlogHer has one of my posts listed right now for other bloggers to read. By the time you read this it will probably be gone, I think they only keep it up for 24 hours. This is the fourth time they have used one of my posts and each time I see it or get an email from one of you guys telling me it's on there, it makes me just as happy and excited as the first time I saw one of my posts listed!

The next little ray of email sunshine was from 2 woman who I don't know at all. One from the blog I'm just me... she just simply wrote a comment saying she was going to use my Mini Mama Mia's for dinner one night and also she enjoys reading my blog. Nothing earth shattering, just some kind words from one blogging woman to another.

The next was from a mom who has asked me not to mention her name on my blog because her blog is private, as with the last one I don't know this woman either. She contacted me a few months ago asking me some questions about being a stay at home mother of 3 children. Basically she wanted to know how I came out of it SANE! I quickly explained to her that SANITY is highly overrated, as is sleep, personal space and personal hygiene on some days :):)
Today she sent me an email telling me that my post about trying to be positive about the little things, made her start thinking about all the small things her kids do and to stop focusing on all the things they don't do. She also had some other really nice comments to make about my writings as well. Yet again, nothing earth shattering, just some kind words from one blogging woman to another.....

I also received another email from someone but I'm going to save this story for another day.....I will hopefully have some FUN news to share with you all really soon. It won't be earth shattering either, just a silly little New Orleans girl being a little proud of herself for a change......

Thank you ladies for all your kind words today.

Some days we need little pick me ups more than other days, you know those days when your coffee, Diet Coke or sweet tea just won't do the job :):)

Well today was one of those days for me, the kind words of 2 strangers put a smile on another strangers face.

I truly believe that every "little" good thing needs to be said. Even if its as simple as that color looks really nice on you or something you said one time, always stays with me because I knew it was truly sincere when you said it......

I appreciate your thoughts and sweet words about my ramblings. And some days I appreciate them more than you know!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We've been Boo'ed AGAIN!!

I love being boo'ed!!


Who could it be??

First let me say, please excuse my daughters wardrobe, when she comes home from swim practice, she gets to put on whatever non matching clothes she wants. By Thursday and the 100th practice for the week that I've taken the kids to, I'm beat down and the last thing I worry about is wardrobe.

Tonight we were boo'ed again!!

Have I told you all how much my kids (especially Hannah) loves the whole boo'ing thing?
It really is cool that someone else's family thinks enough about our family to take the time to put together special treats for us. Thank you boo'er number 1 and 2. Thank you for thinking about our family!

Hannah has a feeling this one was a really creative person, the boo bag was home made and really cute!!

HMMMM, really creative, like a mom who makes really cute flip flops or a mom who makes really cute scrapbooking pages....HMMMM.

Then she had to remind me that our boo bags were not home made and maybe next year we can start working on them earlier, like during the summer. And I told her, YEA good luck with that :):)

Have you guys been boo'ed? If so, tell us about your good treats !

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

But will you still love me in the morning??

Alex and I had a moment of weakness on the way home from swim practice tonight....

No it is not Organic (thanks Mel for pointing that out to me :) and yes it is just about the WORST thing you can eat at 9:30 at night but what the heck, you only live once right?? After eating an ever so YUMMY bean burrito I will be questioning how much longer I want to live!
PEPTO here we come!!