Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Moving Or Not??

Contrary to what my father believes, I don't blog about everything, or I should say, I do blog everything, I just don't post it all!

I started this post a couple of Fridays ago and finished it 2 days later on Sunday. At the time we hadn't made a decision yet, but we have now......

I have already been to bed tonight and I'm up again. Sleep will not be happening husband has asked me THE QUESTION yet again.
I have gotten some really nice emails from my husband before. Some are; what activities do we have tonight, I have tickets to a Braves game for tonight and of course I love the ones that say; how do you feel about taking a trip to South Beach. Those emails I can deal with.

One last summer start off with saying what do you think about Chicago???
I think its suppose to be an awesome Broadway Play and that's also where Oprah lives....why Brian, what do you think about Chicago?
Well that was last summer.....this summer it hits a little under the belt! The email I received from my husband this morning(Friday) read; What do you think about moving BACK to Louisiana? WHAT,WHAT did this man just ask me! LOUISIANA my home, the place where my momma and daddy are. The place where I have so many wonderfully awesome memories that I try and share with anyone here in Georgia that will listen!!(Thanks Lena and Carol)
Well not exactly my home in Louisiana but only 4 hours away, as opposed to the 8 hours from Georgia. Of course, I can't wrap my brain around it. I can't lie my first reaction was a smile from ear to ear.
I know that since the storm, people from all over,think they can pass judgement on the city of New Orleans. Is it screwed up? YES. Is the government corrupted? YES. Do we have 1 or 2 streets there, that people can do things on, that most people wouldn't do in their own bedrooms?(sorry for you guys) but YES. I don't deny any of these. But that's not what I know. and that's not where I Louisiana is a place where everyone is welcomed, there's no fancy words that I can use to describe it, its just my home!
3 years ago this week, if I would of had a blog, I would of been up writing this same scenario. This was the exact same time that Brian and I were making our plans to move to Georgia. That was the scariest thing I have ever agreed to. I could see how much it meant to Brian in his eyes, I didn't see that look, for Chicago. I have always told my husband, that if there is something in his career that he wants to do and it benefits his career and then obviously benefiting our family, then we will make it work. NO MATTER WHERE IT IS! I don't know if this is it, I could be wrong....
Would it be nice to be closer to HOME again??? Yes.
But I have learned to love this beautiful state, the 4 seasons are unbelievable(we don't have those at MY HOME), the area that I live in, is everything that I have ever wanted to give my kids and this is now THEIR HOME! Alex reminded me(Saturday) that where ever we go is home because we are all together.....he really does listen to me when I talk!! I have my Lena and my Ms. Carol, if I could put them in my pocket and take them with me I would.... I'm not normally a selfish person (I do hog the covers and gulp my drinks:) but I don't know if the selfish side is trying to come out and play.
I know the potential job Brian might have there, would make him happy for a number of reasons one of them being, he thinks moving back makes me happy. (My husband is not the most sensitive man or the most lovey dovey, but he always puts MY FEELINGS before HIS OWN).
So now that I have rambled and cried my eyes out through most of this post, the answer to our million dollar question is..... I DON'T KNOW!! We will talk about it some more this weekend and decide if we are pursuing this or not. We have been talking to the kids about it, Jakob and Hannah really didn't have to much to say. Whenever theres talk of us moving, Jakob's first question is "CAN WE BUY A HOUSE ON A LAKE AGAIN???" Hannah doesn't really care. Alex now that is something different. When we first talked about this(on Friday) he didn't really like it. As the conversation went on, on Saturday he responded a lot better than I thought. Now today(Sunday) he is like "mom can I look at houses on the Internet with you!!" Alex explained to me his feelings he had when we moved to Georgia. They were all the normal feelings nervous, scared and excited. He told me that I made everything feel like it was going to be OK and it was OK. So he knows that we all can do it again do you see why I have been crying!!
I'm posting this not having a decision made, I want to remember all these feelings just the way I have felt them this weekend. I wish I would of been a blogger 3 years ago, maybe I would of had some advice that I could use right now!! I also know that whatever we decide, it will be the best thing for OUR family!!

Well our decision was not to move, it doesn't mean that were not ever moving again. I know that I can not ever think that....I just know that where we are right now is where we all want to be!! I also know that my husband values his family more than his career, its something that I've always known. It's just nice to remind myself of that every so often! :):):):)

Thank you momma, daddy and my girls for giving me good advice through these last few weeks, you all will never know how much your words of encouragement meant to me!!



Glad to hear you are staying! I'm reading and reading and reading and thinking well what are they gonna do. I thought you were keeping a secret from me.:)

The Dinsmores said...

We're SOOOOO happy ya'll have decided to stay.