Monday, March 24, 2008

My other Louisiana Family!!

Belle and my boys!

They LOVE Belle!!

Jakob and his nanny in her kitchen
Hannah and her nanny playing dress up!!
me and my girls (our annual picture)

Ms. Eloise jamming!!
While we were in town my girlfriend Stacey's grandfather passed away...Stacey's family is like my second family. So I was really glad that I could be there to help her get things together. It's times like those when I wish I wasn't so far away. But I was glad this all worked out the way it did.

What's Louisiana without Crawfish?!

Brian's brother David let us stay at his house in Madisonville while we were in town this last time. And we thanked him the best way we knew how to...CRAWFISH!! Thanks David, I think we found our new home away from home!

More Cody pictures!!

my momma's gonna kill me for this one!

my daddy is camera shy!!
Alex had waited for this moment for a long time!!
My grandma with her 4th great grandchild

Me and Nell

Patrick and Cody

Sorry its been so long in between posts. We finally had a free day to go and get a new is a camera. These pictures are all from the Kodak throw away cameras, so bare with me!!

During our February break we went back to Louisiana so the kids could meet there cousin!! They were beyond excited!