Monday, August 23, 2010

Do they even know an Ashford or a Simpson?

There truly is something to be said about every day positive reinforcement when it comes to raising a family. Not saying that there aren't times that I wish I could gently yank the vocal cords out of the mouths of the people that I'm positively reinforcing. But I mean REALLY who doesn't have those days?

My kids think they can move mountains. I mean LITERALLY move mountains. My daughter believes that she can slay dragons with her sparkly barrette and still have good hair and good manners at the same time. Either with their minds or muscles, they know that they have the strength inside of them to do anything they set their minds to. A sliver of that has rubbed off of me.

Inside my comfort zone I am SHE RA the warrior woman who can do everything. Outside of that cushy comfortable spot I got nothing but a sliver. Hey but I take that sliver and build on it, each and every time I see another mountain. I've slowly been fixing my cracked road in life. Most damages have been repaired. Occasionally I come across a pothole or 4 and start the repaving process again.

I've started a new mountain, I mean semester this week. Health and Fitness, World History and Calculus are the enemies that need slaying now through December.

My daughter has graciously handed over her sparkly barrette, the purple one. The purple one sparkles more than the orange one and EVERY ONE knows that the sparkly the better! And as I'm walking around the KSU campus with my sparkly barrette in hand I have to fight the urge to scream at the top of my lungs,"AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH"!

Now were is that damned dragon..........

Monday, August 9, 2010

it's okay my hubby knows

The early part of the morning and I have become lovers. For years I cursed the morning and any joy that the bright sun streaming into my windows brought me. I fought the temptation, the come hither stares, as long as possible. And then as time went on and kids have to rise early and early, I got use to it. My internal clock has no snooze button,  instead of fighting it, I just make the most of it. On most mornings our affair begins with the aroma of my coffee brewing, while we prepare lunch boxes, water bottles, and last minute "whatevers" that we forgot the night before; as you can see we have a very active love life. We've usually gotten a load of clothes done and a dinner menu in our heads right about the time the first child has to be woken up. From 5:50 am on it's an early morning rat race filled with cereal bowls, chopped fruit, half brushed teeth, shaking out wrinkled clothes, shoving last minutes in the back pack and settling in at the corner just as the big yellow bus arrives. My lover and I clean up the remnants of the race and start on our day. Who knows how long this love affair will last. We've been a pretty strong unit for quite a few years now and still seem to be going strong.

 This is our favorite spot in the house....(wink wink)

Happy Monday y'all :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

school time 2010

And they're off......

6th grade for Jakey boy
high school Freshman in the house
my boys
Hannah's first day of school was a little more dramatic than usual. After an appendicitis scare, complete with IV and x-rays, she ended up with impacted bowels :(
you can say we had a pretty poopy first day.
1st day of school TAKE 2!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A day to remember

Splitting a caesar salad w/ a side of grilled chicken for lunch...check
New dress for mom....check
New shoes for the girl...check
New sunglasses that look MARVELOUS...check
Having 3 uninterrupted hours of hand holding, fist pumps and oooooh's and ahhhh's with my girl...check

Living the good life...check

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

thank you 101

I believe whole heartily that what you give in life is what you get. At the end of the day you only have yourself and God to answer to and one of the two doesn't take kindly to excuses.
On this particular day I wasn't feeling very giving and was trying to make every excuse to myself why I shouldn't be going back out of my house AGAIN.
Two practices for the oldest boy, 3 different stores for school supplies, 2 trips to the grocery, 1 momma who had an aching back and three kids that were on the verge of me proving the theory of why some animals eat their young (and like it!). I was ready for this day's page to be turned and then
a phone call from a dear friend needing a little TLC for a car battery. With no excuse to speak of I grab my keys and took my p.j. wearing self to the rescue. And on the way home I saw this...... 

if this wasn't a thank you for no excuses then I don't know what is!
A beautiful end to a not so beautiful day, you gotta love the Lord!