Monday, August 9, 2010

it's okay my hubby knows

The early part of the morning and I have become lovers. For years I cursed the morning and any joy that the bright sun streaming into my windows brought me. I fought the temptation, the come hither stares, as long as possible. And then as time went on and kids have to rise early and early, I got use to it. My internal clock has no snooze button,  instead of fighting it, I just make the most of it. On most mornings our affair begins with the aroma of my coffee brewing, while we prepare lunch boxes, water bottles, and last minute "whatevers" that we forgot the night before; as you can see we have a very active love life. We've usually gotten a load of clothes done and a dinner menu in our heads right about the time the first child has to be woken up. From 5:50 am on it's an early morning rat race filled with cereal bowls, chopped fruit, half brushed teeth, shaking out wrinkled clothes, shoving last minutes in the back pack and settling in at the corner just as the big yellow bus arrives. My lover and I clean up the remnants of the race and start on our day. Who knows how long this love affair will last. We've been a pretty strong unit for quite a few years now and still seem to be going strong.

 This is our favorite spot in the house....(wink wink)

Happy Monday y'all :)

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