Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Day We Will Never Forget

 I was 3 months pregnant with my daughter, driving with my 2 year old to drop my 5 year old off at school. The first report on the radio said, "oh my, there has been a terrible accident. A plane has just crashed into the World Trade Center."... By the time I pulled out the carpool line the dj's voice completely changed.
"If you are able, get to a TV. There has been another crash into the second building but this is not an accident folks."
I called my grandma and asked her what was going on as I drove back to my house. I got my 2 year old in the house, turned on the TV and saw the unbelievable. I then took my baby and went right back to the school to get Alex. I called my grandma again and told her we were coming to her after I got Alex. I waited in the check out line for about 10 minutes to get him. People in front of me all looked as stunned as I did. I drove my babies to her house and we spend the rest of the day watching the horror unfold. A day I will never forget.
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