Sunday, March 6, 2016

Just one more thing

When you send your first child off to college (after the year long of panic attacks, tears, weird dreams that don't mean anything BUT WHAT IF subconsciously, in the land of Oz, on a rocket ship they mean something - one day??) there are so many emotions that are wrapped up inside of each parent. Excitement, pride, fear, worry and these are only the ones I felt on the elevator ride up to his dorm.

The feeling of leaving your first baby at school (at least for me) was like leaving one of my limbs in that dorm room on that hot August day. I left the UGA campus without my whole self. Sounds a little dramatic but it's a dramatic thing. Just a short 18 years before this day this little helpless creature was placed in my arms and I knew from that day forward I would lay down my life to keep him happy and warm, always with a belly full and always safe. That part of my everyday life was (sort of) over with him. I remember waking up in the middle of the night franticly thinking have I told him everything he needs to know?? Does he know not to stick a fork in the toaster while it's plugged in? I mean yes he drives a car and can vote for the president and fight for our wonderful country and technically in some places is considered an (ahem) adult, but seriously does he know about the fork and toaster scenario?

There's always "just one more thing" to tell them each day and "just one more" I love you and "just one more" make sure you watch to see if anyone is walking behind you to kill you; you know all the normal stuff we tell our college kids and of course "just always one more" chance to second guess ourselves as parents.

I can happily say that he is in his 4th semester of school (now living in an apartment) and has not electrocuted himself or anyone else and from all accounts is a pretty awesome, functioning 20 year old living college life.

Doesn't mean I don't worry but worry is just another form of love. And now with my number 2 child starting his senior year in a few months,  I get to start the process all over again. I'm hoping it's like riding a bike, you how it gets easier and less stressful the more you do it?
Oh and "just one more thing" I don't believe a word of that either :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

pitter patter of (not so) little feet

My 15 year old son slid his worn out Sperry's off in my car yesterday afternoon after I picked him up from the gym with his friend. He immediately stuck his feet out the car window because, well, if any of you have a 15 year old boy you know their feet always stink and when you add a nice worn out pair of swampy - non sock wearing shoes to the mix, the smell is oh so aromatic. Like a nice garbage dump breeze, so out the window his feet went. I studied him as we laughed about his boy parts flying like flags out the window. I noticed a shade of dirt on his top lip, a pair of big foot feet that have doubled since the last time we measured them for shoes, a pair of legs that are hairier then the last time I rubbed icy hot on them and have more mass then the chicken bones that I remember.

I know how this works, he has a brother 3 years older than him.
I know they grow. Fast.
I know they change. Fast.
I know they wake up and one day have a different voice, a mustache and an attitude.

You think you will be ready when the next one in the birth order grows into a man right in front of your eyes, but, you aren't.

Easier? Maybe.
Bittersweet? Absolutely.
Fast? Even faster than what I remember the first time :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Day We Will Never Forget

 I was 3 months pregnant with my daughter, driving with my 2 year old to drop my 5 year old off at school. The first report on the radio said, "oh my, there has been a terrible accident. A plane has just crashed into the World Trade Center."... By the time I pulled out the carpool line the dj's voice completely changed.
"If you are able, get to a TV. There has been another crash into the second building but this is not an accident folks."
I called my grandma and asked her what was going on as I drove back to my house. I got my 2 year old in the house, turned on the TV and saw the unbelievable. I then took my baby and went right back to the school to get Alex. I called my grandma again and told her we were coming to her after I got Alex. I waited in the check out line for about 10 minutes to get him. People in front of me all looked as stunned as I did. I drove my babies to her house and we spend the rest of the day watching the horror unfold. A day I will never forget.
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let me 'splain it to you Lucy

As we get older we start to realize family members traits in ourselves more and more, my children pointed out another one to me the other day.

My grandmother (Lucy) has always loved to tell stories. Stories from the past, stories from her day, whatever it was it was never just a -this is how it went deal- it was always a story. Usually long and usually filled with to much information.

Before finding out that a family member was getting married she would say what she was doing before she answered the phone, how she knew by the tone of their voice that it was going to be good news and everything that person had done in life (good and bad) since the first day she knew them. After about 30 minutes in, I would realize that I have no idea who this person is and that she is now talking about someone else and of course I still don't know who they are. But just for the sake of having to hear WHY I SHOULD know these people I smile and nod and think about what I'm doing with my potatoes for dinner .

Alas, the wedding is this March and the bridesmaids will wear lavender.

And then starts the next story of her friend who got married in March and now I'm on to what I'm cooking tomorrow.

This of course is just a made up version but you get the drift. And if you don't then let me explain it to you, you see my grandmother is an Italian lady who grew up in a large family. She had 3 sisters and 1 brother, all of whom she loved very much, but of course they got on each others nerves as families do, she married my paw paw who came from an even bigger Cajun French family......

Are you baking or frying your chicken tonight?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lucky girl

Some days it's not pretty and other days it's just peachy.
Some days I yell more than I want to and
other days I sit and stare at them and wonder how I got so lucky.
Some days I need a break away from the neediness and other days I need them to need me more.

But every day no matter what that day has brought me, I thank god that these 3 are mine!

Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sooo not about the dishes

I found some, super cute, new dishes at our local Home goods store a few weeks ago. I've been telling myself for awhile that is was time for a change. So I've been on the look out the last few months for some. When I walked into the store that day, I knew my wait was over. I carefully went through all the plates, bowls and smaller salad plates, looking for any dents or dings. Rolled my buggy to the counter, paid, and happily went on my way in life.

Fast forward to last Tuesday or I guess rewind, either way you know what I mean. I brought my oldest to the DMV to take his driver's test so he could get his license. He's had his permit since February of 2011, has gone through the mandatory state requirements and the (even more important) mom and dad requirements and we all felt that he was ready for the next footstep in the sand.

And he is.

But me, not so much.

He passed his test with flying colors, has gotten compliments on his driving from his drivers ed instructor, and the DMV instructor. He is patient when he needs to be and nervous when he needs to be, he does it all right.

But the first time he pulled off in my car with out me in it, to drive himself somewhere that I would not be, I got a little sea sick feeling. I didn't lose my shit, and I was very thankful for that, because we were in a public place and when you look up Ugly Cry in the dictionary, my face is what you would see :)
But sea sick non the less.

I was proud of myself and I celebrated that evening by happily taking my old dishes out and placing the newly washed, super cute, dishes in. I took all the old bowls, plates and smaller plates and made a stack on my counter. As I was stacking and repositioning I had a thought; I would pack these old dishes up and save them for Alex. In two years he would be going to college and this would be one less thing we would need to buy for him.  

And then y'all, I lost my shit.





All I remember was hearing myself mumbling through my snot something about his first steps, pubic hair, a car, leaving me, and then my funeral.

And then I regained my shit and went on with life.

I have found that tears, whether they are ugly or not, are just needed sometimes. At least for me.
For the happy and the sad and sometimes even the in between stuff.

I am SO happy and thankful and blessed that my boy is on such a great path in life.
And am even happier that God chose Brian and I to guide his journey.

But I do oh so wish that I could stretch the path out just a little bit longer.
You know - just so I can have more time to buy new dishes and daydream about my kids growing up and oh ya, lose my shit.....again and again and again.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

spaghetti bake

Whenever I set out on my evening routine of cooking dinner I know from the moment I start to lay out my ingredients which one of my 3 children will not like whatever it is that will be on the menu that night. And frankly, call me mean, but I usually don't care.
Trying to please all 5 of us at one time is like me trying to squeeze my be-hind back into my teal Bongo jeans from 10th grade....ain't going to happen.

So on the rare occasion that my 3 children all come to the table with a happy face on, with no threat of death or (even worse) punishment from some sort of electronic device before hand, I feel it is my duty to share my wealth of knowledge to every other dinner maker in the world! When you throw my husband into the equation and he too is pleased upon entering the dining room, I feel the need to shout it from the roof tops people!!

Spaghetti and meatballs or meat sauce (depending on how lazy I am feeling) is a staple in our house. I can take 2 and half pounds of either lean ground meat or lean ground turkey breast and make MAGIC happen. With that traditional dish I have added a few more steps that has turned this regular dish into, 'oh yeah this is some good stuff!"

This is how I prepare this dish for my family (I have 2 boys that combined, eat more than most small countries do) so my portions might be larger than what you need. This is not an exact anything, modify as you need to for your family...

the goods.....

2 and half pounds of either lean ground meat or lean ground turkey breast
about 1 to 2 palms full of each: basil, oregano, italian seasonings, minced onion, garlic powder, and Tony Chachere's
2 jars of spaghetti sauce ( I use whatever brand is usually on sale)
2 pounds of penni pasta ( not picky on this either, but I do use whole wheat)
1 bag of mozzarella cheese
about a half of a cup of fresh parmesan cheese

here we go.....

~boil your pasta as directed on package
~brown your meat until cooked all the way through
~after meat is cooked all the way, sprinkle half of your seasonings (put the other half aside) onto      the meat and let cook down for 2-3 minutes
~pour spaghetti sauce on top of meat and sprinkle the rest of the seasoning into the sauce.
~ stir really well, reduce heat, cover and let cook for about 10 minutes.
~Preheat oven to 400
~After pasta is done and drained and after your sauce has cooked down for about 10 minutes, pour pasta into spaghetti sauce and stir well
~If you are using a pan that can be used on the stove top and oven then leave the spaghetti concoction be. If not, pour concoction into a greased oven safe dish.
~Grate your half a cup of fresh parmesan on top of spaghetti concoction and stir really well
~Sprinkle your bag of mozzarella on top, I do not stir this in
~Bake until cheese is bubbly

I serve with garlic bread and a Caesar salad and everyone is happy!

I think what a lot of us need to remember is that dinner (for most of us anyway) doesn't need to be rocket science or something that looks like it could be photographed for a fancy magazine. It needs to be half way recognizable for the little ones and inhale-able for the older ones, at least in my house anyway. And for the ones that don't like it, sorry for you.
There's always tomorrow :)

Happy Cooking!!