Wednesday, November 12, 2014

pitter patter of (not so) little feet

My 15 year old son slid his worn out Sperry's off in my car yesterday afternoon after I picked him up from the gym with his friend. He immediately stuck his feet out the car window because, well, if any of you have a 15 year old boy you know their feet always stink and when you add a nice worn out pair of swampy - non sock wearing shoes to the mix, the smell is oh so aromatic. Like a nice garbage dump breeze, so out the window his feet went. I studied him as we laughed about his boy parts flying like flags out the window. I noticed a shade of dirt on his top lip, a pair of big foot feet that have doubled since the last time we measured them for shoes, a pair of legs that are hairier then the last time I rubbed icy hot on them and have more mass then the chicken bones that I remember.

I know how this works, he has a brother 3 years older than him.
I know they grow. Fast.
I know they change. Fast.
I know they wake up and one day have a different voice, a mustache and an attitude.

You think you will be ready when the next one in the birth order grows into a man right in front of your eyes, but, you aren't.

Easier? Maybe.
Bittersweet? Absolutely.
Fast? Even faster than what I remember the first time :)

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