Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Birthday!

Saturday was my 32ND birthday. We had a really nice day with the kids(baseball practice,laundry,bathing the dogs ) our normal Saturday. My in laws were nice enough to invite the kids over that night for a sleep over. Me, Brian, my girlfriend Lena and her hubby Chris went to dinner at Copeland's YUMMY!! and after we went to a karaoke bar where they have pool tables. We really had a nice evening. We all were a little tired from the night before. Lena had her daughters birthday party on Friday and after the party they invited everyone back to their house. Well needless to say after A FEW drinks it was midnight and they were singing Happy Birthday to me on Saturday morning(thank you Chris). WE HAD A BLAST!!!...... When we moved here it took me awhile to really get close to other people. My girlfriends back home, I have had for as long as I can remember. And my Stacey knows more about me than my daddy(SORRY DADDY). So I wasn't looking for anything to come close to that. I have my Ms. Carol who is next door and she helped me and keeps on helping so much. But I didn't have anyone with kids the same age and that was just as crazy as I. And then came along my little Northern chickie(she calls me her Cajun chickie!). I swear she has Tabasco running through her veins and I LOVE IT! We have enjoyed her and her family for almost the last year. And I am proud to say she is my Georgia girl!!

Hannah's first Ballet class!

Last week Hannah had her first ballet class. She absolutely loved it!! She has taken gymnastics for two years and she decided she wanted to try something new. The leotards, tights and shoes are just the cutest things!!

Baseball in the rain!

There is definitely something about the rain that makes kids (and adults) want to play in it. We had a rain shower last week and the kids had a ball playing in it. And of course like everything now a days in our house it turned into a baseball game!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One night In Tennessee!

We stayed Saturday night at a hotel in downtown Chattanooga. The area is very nice! We had planned on doing Ruby Falls and Lookout mountain while we were there, but with the temperature at 99 and 100 degrees we decided to go back in the fall. It only took us a little over an hour to get there. All the kids wanted to do was eat pizza at the pool and swim,so that's what we did. We hung out with Clark(Brian's boss) and his family. They have three children also. Our children are all almost the same age which is nice. Our trip was quick but keep your eye out for our pictures to come in the fall!

Brian's New Adventure!

My husband did his first triathlon this weekend in Tennessee! It was a quarter mile swim, 8 mile bike and 2 mile run. His bosses wife also did it.He had some problems with both his tires the morning of the race but nothing can stop him! The problem with his tires added about 16 minutes to his time, but he still had alot of fun. Brian has done a number of different races....his hardest by far was his marathon, which he says he will be doing again! We will be there cheering for him like we always do! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU DADDY!!! The next race is in October, hopefully the tubes in the tires will cooperate this time! We had a quick little weekend in Tennessee and made some nice memories!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hannah's first bus ride!

Hannah has been talking about riding the bus with Jakob for months now. And this morning she got on the big yellow bus!! She had such a good first day, she came home and told me that she was helping some of the other kids in her class because they were sad!! How sweet is she! Hopefully today will contiune on the good pattern. Me on the other hand I was a wreck. This morning was harder than yesterday. When that bus pulled off I felt like I was punched in the stomach...No matter how many books you read or how many Oprah shows(HA!HA!) you watch, nothing prepares you for any of this stuff! Of course you don't want to be upset in front of your kids because school is a good thing, it's a very good thing...Can someone please tell that to my aching heart! So next week when I go back to work, none of my children will be there. They are all in BIG school now!! God help me!

The First Day of School!!

Monday was our first day of school. The kids were excited!! Alex started 6th, Jakob started 3rd and my baby started Kindergarten!

End of the Summer Party!

On Saturday our subdivision had an end of the summer party! We brought two of my girlfriends kids with us also. They had a space walk, an inflatable slide, snow cones and cotton candy! The kids had a blast!!!

Braves, Braves and more Braves!!

This summer we have been very lucky and was invited quite a few times to the Coke suite to watch the Braves play!! My boys have become a little obsessed with the Braves and baseball cards. Hannah on the other hand couldn't care less about the game, all she wants to do is catch a t-shirt and lay inside and watch Hannah Montana.(what a life!!)

Kindergarten Here I Come!

Last week the kids had their Meet and Greets at school. Hannah has been talking about Kindergarten and counting down the days! She loved her classroom and her teachers seemed really nice. My baby is on her way to Kindergarten!!

The Last Lazy Days of Summer!

Our summer vacation is almost over! At the beginning of summer I gave myself lots of little and a few big projects to do. And I am happy to report they are all almost done. I have a few little touch ups to do on my painting projects but other than that they are done. And I am very proud of myself!!