Wednesday, November 18, 2009

243 of 365 memories...a girl and her horse

As soon as Hannah found out that she was going to be able to ride a horse,
her excitement level went from 100 to Def Com 10!
She asked me, "do you think the horse will like me"?
Why wouldn't the horse like you? I
don't know, maybe he will know I'm nervous.
I think he will like you more because you are nervous, he will want to take care of you!

I told her ahead of time, if you want to ride give me a secret thumbs up and if you don't want to give me no thumbs, she was ready!!

my baby!

she wanted to find HER horse after all the rides were over.
His name is Chico and she was on a mission.

Yep, that's him!!

giving him some love!!

We walked back over to the other girls, to look at the rest of the horses. After a moment I realized Hannah was gone. I'm looking and looking and then I see her....

back again

hi there friend

she was in LOVE.
Can you blame her?
He was such a gentleman.

We have had MANY conversations about horses since we left Mr. Chico.
How much do they cost?
Can you keep them in your back yard?
Do they really poop that much?
A lot, no and yes.

We have decided that when she is older we will have another conversation about horses.
She woke up on Monday morning and told me she was feeling much older today :)
That's my girl!!

242 of 365 memories.....ALMOST as pretty as her eyes!

I think we all must have commented about a thousand time on just how pretty the mountain was. Everywhere we turned or looked it just showed how beautiful God's country really is. The sky was so clear at night, the stars lit a path back to the cabin for us. My daughter saw her very frist shooting star, the excitement in her eyes was magical. When I thank the lord that night for every thing that had happened that day, I was especially thankful to him for that moment, the star meant so much to her. She told me she wasn't wishing on it, it was just to pretty :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

241 of 365 memories...on my honor, I will try.....

Hannah and I went to camp Misty Mountain over the weekend.
Our first Girl Scout camp out.
Oh the smiles, the giggles, the SMORES, the fun, the memories!!
Oh and did I mention the trees?!

9 little girl scouts waiting to take on Misty Mountain

watch as the bandanna and hair has MULTIPLE wardrobe changes!

# 2

# 3

3 ladies who were VERY thankful for sweet tea with lunch :)

# 4

# 5

# 6

I think this picture sums how much fun she had.
She did crafts, rode horses, jumped over streams, laughed so much she had the hick ups (more than once), had dirty finger nails two days in a row and mom was not medicated :), played patty cake hand games, ate smores until her belly hurt and I got to witness it all.
Thank you lord for this weekend!

240 of 365 memories....ONLY 26?

Some of my friends on Facebook have been posting a reason to be thankful everyday until Thanksgiving. I'm lazy and don't post everyday, so I decided to post 26 things all at once.
Seeing as though I look at almost everything as a blessing, this was a little tough :)

1. My husband, who has ALWAYS just let me be me.

2. My 3 wonderfully delicious children. Being nothing more than their mother is truly the GREATEST joy of my life.

3. My family, I miss them everyday.

4. for laughing with friends so hard that my cheeks hurt.

5. for 2 very special ladies, without them my everyday life in Georgia would never be this good.

6. for our Coca- Cola family, that has REALLY turned into our Georgia family.

7. for wood burning fireplaces.

8. for waking up with my daughter sprawled across me.

9. for Spanx's, CAN I GET AN AMEN!

10. for sweet tea therapy :)

11. for living somewhere that has the most beautiful changing of colors on the trees, I've ever seen.

12. for Ms. Rona's pot, the gumbo would never of been the same!

13. for the look my son gives me when he walks down the stairs in the morning.

14. for money in the bank!!

15. for rainy afternoons, when everything gets cancelled.

16. for cherry flavored blow pops.

17. for quite mornings.

18. for Hillside, giving me my first sense of being when I moved here.

19. for the Hillside girls, CAN I GET A WHAT, WHAT!!

20. for my front and back porches, a dream come true for me.

21. for the freedom that I never take for granted.

22. for a 9:00 PM bedtime :)

23. for McDonald's Hot Fudge sundaes

24. for my wrinkles, I am a better woman because of them.

25. for KSU

26. for waking up on Thanksgiving morning to all my favorite people!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

239 of 365 memories...It's official!

Hannah's a brownie and I took a huge bite out of her right after I took this picture :)

238 of 365 memories...flute playing turtle's are SO COOL!

Hannah's music class put on a play last week. She has been so excited to show us her parts. The class did such a good job. Her music teacher is AMAZING and the kids just adore her! Hannah was a turtle in the story who played a magic flute and made the bad guy (Lena's son Grayson) dance. She thought the flute playing turtle was the best thing ever, well isn't it?!!

my girl!!

Grayson (Lena's son)

Hannah's picture was used a decoration in the music room

she was so excited that daddy made it!!

Lena and her boy