Monday, November 16, 2009

238 of 365 memories...flute playing turtle's are SO COOL!

Hannah's music class put on a play last week. She has been so excited to show us her parts. The class did such a good job. Her music teacher is AMAZING and the kids just adore her! Hannah was a turtle in the story who played a magic flute and made the bad guy (Lena's son Grayson) dance. She thought the flute playing turtle was the best thing ever, well isn't it?!!

my girl!!

Grayson (Lena's son)

Hannah's picture was used a decoration in the music room

she was so excited that daddy made it!!

Lena and her boy

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I like her teacher's sense of fashion--green striped shirts ROCK!

This is so cute.

You know they're gonna get married someday. Cause a turtle that can make a dude dance is one great how we met story.