Friday, February 27, 2009

58 of 365 memories...a good cleaning

Since I have been home my diet has consisted of organic broccoli and king cake.

I'm de toxing SLOWLY!!!!

I brought back 4 king cakes as my carry on luggage on the plane, so lets recap. I packed a HUGE pink pig in my luggage and I took 4 king cakes on the plane as my carry on luggage. Can you tell where my heart is from??

57 of 365 memories....this little piggie went to the French Quarter

This is a pig that my momma caught for Hannah during the parade.
(Yes I brought it back in my bag on the plane for her, imagine what the guy at the x-ray machine said when he scanned my bag!) she has not put it down.
She told me last night, that the next time I go to Mardi Gras can I get her an elephant (elephants are her favorite animals).
Sure I said, I will try and get you one.
Can you go back tomorrow and get me one? she says.
No baby Mardi Gras is over. I said.
OH so is Mardi Gras only when the freaks come out??


you know, they said on the news that's when the freaks come out.

NOTE TO SELF, no more news for my kids!!


3 hard working men, taking a much needed PAUSE!
The Johnson's and The Galyon's
(please note the FULLness of my face. Apparently I'm not as young as I use to be :)

This weekend was nice for a number of reasons and this little lady here, is in the top 2!

Brian's ride!

Brian's float
me and my hubby
Todd, Todd, Brian, Charlie and Mr. Joe (our designated driver for the weekend)
Krewe of Zeus
here they come
they were bombing us with stuff!!
right were that light is on the picture is my husband and he was still throwing stuff at us :)
we got to sit in the Coke stands and watch the parade
my momma, my brother Patrick and me
if you only knew what we had to do to get this smile from her!!
Stacey and me
Monday night Brian rode in the Krewe of Zeus. He was invited to ride with some of his Dr. Pepper friends. He had a blast. Mindy (the other Coke wife) and I were invited to watch our hubby's parade in the Coke viewing stands. (Man I tell you what if I wasn't from Louisiana and this was my first time I would want to do this ever year. When your not in the crowds and you have a hotel right on the parade route it makes life a lot easier :) Let's just say I we have gotten a little spoiled with the trips we get from my hubby's work.
They always treat us GOOD!!
I was super excited because my momma, my brother and my best friend Stacey came to sit with me!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

no mister officer, I haven't been drinking :)

Brian, Todd and Mike doing a little Alan Jackson
Mindy and I doing a little Aretha....R.E.S.P.E.C.T!
What song are we singing again??
don't ask me how we got up because I honestly can't remember!!
doing the second line!
I didn't know Mindy snapped this picture until I downloaded my pictures.
Can you tell I'm just enjoying being with my man!!
Being that most of you are not from New Orleans, let me do a little explaining.
Those rather large looking white cups in our hands are daiquiris. I'm a White Russian girl but they come in a variety of flavors. You have traditional ones like boring strawberry, pina colada, or you can go a little daring and get a sex on the beach, 191 Octane, Jungle Juice, there are so many options....pick your poison!!
While we were there I had a lot a few of them. (hey people no judging here, I am Catholic for goodness sake, we embrace our alcohol :) Anyway we were at a float party. When you ride on a Carnival float your "krewe" usually has a celebration for it and on Sunday evening we attended the party for Brian's float. It was at a very small hall and there were a lot of older people there. By the end of the night my girlfriend Mindy and I had everyone dancing around and having a good time. There was also a karaoke machine, FUN!! Sunday evening was probably the most fun I've had had in a long time!!

playing tourist....

playing tourists!!
battleship on the Mississippi River
The Riverwalk is a strip of stores that run along guessed it, the RIVER!
Harrahs Casino
our partners in FOOD!!
After beignets we stopped at Drago's for lunch.
The crabcakes were UNBELIEVABLE!!
the parade scene in front of our hotel.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

oh yes, there was more!!

Warning you may want to use the restroom before watching this video, yes it is THAT funny :)This is the other video I got of Jakob after his first dose of pain medicine.

And where does he get these MAD vocal skills, the world may never know!!


Endymion Extravaganza

ready for some fun

Our dear sweet friends the Galyons, who were our partners in crime all weekend!
Throw me something mister!
Kid Rock was the Grand Marshall
You have never seen 2 more thankful people.
Mindy, me, Angela and Marilyn
"the wifes"

56 of 365 memories...a nice day for a parade

Walking back to our hotel on Sunday, this is what was going on.
A whole bunch of waiting :)