Friday, February 27, 2009

Brian's ride!

Brian's float
me and my hubby
Todd, Todd, Brian, Charlie and Mr. Joe (our designated driver for the weekend)
Krewe of Zeus
here they come
they were bombing us with stuff!!
right were that light is on the picture is my husband and he was still throwing stuff at us :)
we got to sit in the Coke stands and watch the parade
my momma, my brother Patrick and me
if you only knew what we had to do to get this smile from her!!
Stacey and me
Monday night Brian rode in the Krewe of Zeus. He was invited to ride with some of his Dr. Pepper friends. He had a blast. Mindy (the other Coke wife) and I were invited to watch our hubby's parade in the Coke viewing stands. (Man I tell you what if I wasn't from Louisiana and this was my first time I would want to do this ever year. When your not in the crowds and you have a hotel right on the parade route it makes life a lot easier :) Let's just say I we have gotten a little spoiled with the trips we get from my hubby's work.
They always treat us GOOD!!
I was super excited because my momma, my brother and my best friend Stacey came to sit with me!!

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Elizabeth said...

Great pictures.

Don't you love those perks? We went to a game once and Sam said, "Hey, how come we're in the bad seats?" They were great seats, but not in a box! ha!

Those shots of you and your family and your friend...priceless.

Thanks so much, now I have to go.