Tuesday, November 17, 2009

240 of 365 memories....ONLY 26?

Some of my friends on Facebook have been posting a reason to be thankful everyday until Thanksgiving. I'm lazy and don't post everyday, so I decided to post 26 things all at once.
Seeing as though I look at almost everything as a blessing, this was a little tough :)

1. My husband, who has ALWAYS just let me be me.

2. My 3 wonderfully delicious children. Being nothing more than their mother is truly the GREATEST joy of my life.

3. My family, I miss them everyday.

4. for laughing with friends so hard that my cheeks hurt.

5. for 2 very special ladies, without them my everyday life in Georgia would never be this good.

6. for our Coca- Cola family, that has REALLY turned into our Georgia family.

7. for wood burning fireplaces.

8. for waking up with my daughter sprawled across me.

9. for Spanx's, CAN I GET AN AMEN!

10. for sweet tea therapy :)

11. for living somewhere that has the most beautiful changing of colors on the trees, I've ever seen.

12. for Ms. Rona's pot, the gumbo would never of been the same!

13. for the look my son gives me when he walks down the stairs in the morning.

14. for money in the bank!!

15. for rainy afternoons, when everything gets cancelled.

16. for cherry flavored blow pops.

17. for quite mornings.

18. for Hillside, giving me my first sense of being when I moved here.

19. for the Hillside girls, CAN I GET A WHAT, WHAT!!

20. for my front and back porches, a dream come true for me.

21. for the freedom that I never take for granted.

22. for a 9:00 PM bedtime :)

23. for McDonald's Hot Fudge sundaes

24. for my wrinkles, I am a better woman because of them.

25. for KSU

26. for waking up on Thanksgiving morning to all my favorite people!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

And laughter through tears again.

Nicely done, girl.

(Now send it in to Parents magazine or Redbook. It's really terrific.)