Tuesday, December 29, 2009

271 of 365 memories...say cheese, yeah right!

My daughter is ALWAYS picture ready. With a smile and some sort of gang sign peace sign of sorts and she ALWAYS has good hair.
Me not so much :)
This was on the first Monday of our Christmas break. After studying for what seemed like YEARS for my finals, after New York, after 3 kids Christmas parties one at which a child projectile vomited and lucky for me I have quick hands, after hosting a WONDERFUL cookie party, after going to Tennessee to see the Santa guy, after shopping AGAIN, after another trip to the post office because I forgot to label the first package, after I mailed 3 more cards to people that I forgot about, after fighting a woman for the last Pillsbury pie crust because I REFUSED to set foot in another store the rest of the week (YEAH RIGHT).
I'm OLD people and I'm TIRED and according to this picture I need to invest in some REALLY good fine line, hell who am I kidding, some industrial strength wrinkle cream!

I'm glad that the days after this picture were stress free.
I also know that everything I mention above, is ALL my own doing.
I love every minute of the holidays and I will cherish every wrinkle fine line :)

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