Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hannah's End Of The Year Party!

This was the smile that I got when I got to her party,it made all my craziness fade away!!

Hannah got Silly Stringed

Ms. Sandidge, Hannah and Ms. Dodelin
Hannah's end of the year party and program was on Friday, almost the same time as my end of the year party at the preschool. But that's why I work 2 minutes from my children's school because I always have to be in all 3 places at one time...sorry about my rambling but I did tell you it has BEEN A WEEK!!
Hannah's class played games and had dirt sundaes then we went back inside and they sang songs about being ready for first grade and how they have learned so much and grown so much over the past year. She did a great job and was so excited to finally get to do her songs for me. I checked her out after and brought her back to my school with me and as we were walking around she was telling me what she remembered about Hillside. Then it hit me, my baby is really going to first grade..ALREADY. Okay seriously god, lets go back to one of my older posts when I described Hannah getting on the bus for the first time going to Kindergarten. It went something like my heart being ripped from my chest and that was after I calmed down.
The simple fact is I don't want my children to not want or need me. That is the plain old truth. I am also learning that as they get older they need me for different reasons. And she is my baby girl, so everything is magnified more because she is the last one to do it.
All three of them are my world and everyday I thank god for giving me these wonderful creatures. I will never apologizes for being crazy or even a little narotic about my kids. I only get one chance to be a momma and that's not something I take for granted.

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