Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hannah's first swim meet!

waiting for her first event!
Hannah and Chloe
waiting on the block

look at that form!

Having a snack waiting for the Backstroke
look at my baby go!

Can I do some more momma?!!

Let me first start with saying that I think this has been the CRAZIEST week we have ever had!! That is very strange to say because our days are pretty full and I can take it but this week (I'll be honest, it kicked my butt!!) And the sad thing is we still have one more week of school!!

I forgot to post about last weeks baseball. The last I put was Alex was going to play the second day in the tournament. Well we lost that day. So we were knocked out but we had such a great season and the boys all worked so well together. This is a hard group to let go. The kids all got along so well and the mommas also!! We were all sad but that's how it goes....Hannah got to go to Gracie's party on that Sunday thanks to the Lipani's. Thanks guys, Hannah had a blast at the party!!

Now that that is all taken care of, Hannah had her first swim meet on Thursday at Bentwater(The Dinsmore's subdivision) Hannah swam Freestyle and Backstroke in the second heat of both. She placed 5th in free and 2nd in back. I was a little nervous when we got there because their pool was longer than ours and also their starting blocks are higher. She didn't notice any of that...she had so much fun and wanted to do more races!! I think that swimming might be her thing. She loves it!!

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