Thursday, July 24, 2008


Next weekend Brian and I are invited to go to Miami for a Vitamin water party. First I need to say THANK YOU SO MUCH LENA for taking care of my babies!!!

Next I need help with my problem. On the invite for one of the parties it said "VINTAGE MIAMI ATTIRE". I'm thinking what THONGS!!
SERIOUSLY, what does this mean??? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
I also need to start asking for some prayers, I have a few so bare with me:

1. That everything and everybody stays well and safe while we are gone.
2. That my plane takes off and lands and takes off and lands again safely, to bring me back to my babies!
3. That the boat that Brian and I are using to go DEEP SEA FISHING(yeah laugh now, I'm the girl who is scared to death about drowning and being eaten by a shark!) is in good working condition and doesn't capsize and sink, causing Heidi and Brian to drown and or eaten by a shark! I might be just a little nervous about this! I could of spent the day getting a massage and a facial but I'm choosing to go FISHING with my husband....if this doesn't put me in the running for WIFE of the YEAR, nothing will!(Well maybe a few other things but this is a family blog :)


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The Dinsmores said...

Does the invitation specify which era? "Vintage" can be anything from 1920 to 1980! When I think of Miami, I think of bright colors, big hair and stiletto heels....of course that would be 1980's vintage.