Sunday, July 27, 2008

The little things!

This morning Brian took the boys fishing and Hannah and I went and did a little shopping for my Miami trip next weekend...

Hannah and I had our windows down driving to Target this morning, as we were driving her beautiful blond curls were everywhere. We were taking this road, were they have horse stables and you can see the horses from the street. Everytime we go down this road, she gets so excited to see the horses. When we passed today, the BABY horse was out! She was over the moon with excitement. As I'm sitting at the red light looking into my rear view mirror at this beautiful creature (my daughter not the horse) squealing and just beaming from what she has just seen, I think to myself could this moment be any more perfect.

We shared a little personal pan pizza at Target, as we were finishing up our lunch Hannah begins to tell me which dress she thinks I should try on. She definitely has more faith in my body than I do :) we found a few things and I tried them on and WE were happy with my selections. As we were checking out, Hannah tells me "momma I can't wait to see the pictures of you in your new dress" I said well thank you baby, I'm glad you like the dress. She says "no momma I just like pictures of you as a lady because that's what I'm going to be one day!!" As I'm wiping the tears away and hugging my girl, I whispered to her "I love you, my smoochie." And she says "momma guess what?", of course I'm waiting to here I love you too, instead I get "CHICKEN BUTT!!" (Thanks Billy, for that one, she still loves to say that!)

So my question to myself this morning was answered, it just keeps getting better!!

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