Sunday, July 27, 2008

Game Night!

waiting for the movie!!
Emily and Michael (the Lipani's)
Rona and Catrina
Jakob checking out the score!

The Dinsmore's, The Lipani's, The DeFusco's, The Hillman's and The Johnson's,
next time were going to try and get all 19 of us in the picture, that should be interesting!!

Our Louisiana group met up last night for another "Game Night" at the DeFusco's house. We had a great time. I call this group my Louisiana group but we actually should be called, "The Hot Blogging Louisiana mommas transplanted to Georgia." Doesn't that have a nice ring to it?! Anyway, we all have fun when were together, sometimes at each others expense but that's OK were all adults! ( OK some of us more than others :)

Hannah, Gracie and William got to watch the "Hannah Montana in 3D movie." We brought enough glasses so they all could enjoy the show.....and they did, a little bit anyway.

Here's our group:
us - The 5 Johnson's

The 3 Dinsmore's

The 4 Lipani's

The 4 DeFusco's....our gracious hosts for the game nights

The 3 Hillman's

19 people and 2 dogs, makes for a very interesting evening!! Maybe its the alcohol and food that's makes the evening so good, my vote goes to people!!

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