Thursday, July 31, 2008


Tomorrow Brian and I are leaving for Miami!! I should be packing right now but instead I'm blogging (note to self, get priorities straight!)
The kids and I have been going none stop today. We had all 3 meet and greets today.....FUN! My oldest son didn't even get his school supply list until this afternoon....FUN! We had the last of our doctor check up's this morning and we have been to the bank, dry cleaners, Wal-mart twice, Target, Kohl's, the mall, Abba Dabba's (they have the best selection of Croc's), Publix and football practice.....DID I MENTION FUN!!

So yes, now I'm ready to go to South Beach tomorrow. The kids are so excited to stay at my girlfriend's house and I have to say I'm not worried at all, I know they will be in GOOD hands! The weekend will go so fast. And then right when we get back, school starts the next day....

Now I'm going to pack, please keep my kids and my girlfriend in your prayers.
Also me, you know the whole flying, sinking, drowning, shark attack thing......FUN!!!!

Have a good weekend, I'll have all the details when we get home on Sunday!!

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