Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm Alive!!

I made it all the way to Miami and back, in one piece!! The planes didn't crash and I was not shark bait nor did I drown....all of my sleepless night were for nothing, GO FIGURE!! I have lots of pictures to share with you guys, I'm hoping to get them up between tonight and tomorrow. My kids all started school today...HOORAY!! They all had a wonderful first day!! I'll talk more about that later.

I wanted to share something that I found in one of my trash magazines I bought for my flight. I don't buy People or any of those magazines usually, because I frankly don't care about who is sleeping with who's husband or who has had botox injected in the butts. I do go on line and look at the handbags that famous people have and daydream about them but.....sorry I was having a moment.
Anyway the story that I found was in US Weekly (I think). It was about Eva Longoria Parker, I will get right to the part that had me FUMING in seat 25A!!

"Maybe she's just tired of dealing with the pregnancy buzz inspired by her (slightly) rounder bod. Her rep recently announced that Eva, has gained weight because her TV character "lets herself go, to be a mother of 2" in upcoming shows!!! First off let me say the woman couldn't weigh 100 pounds soaking wet. Whats this CRAP, she let herself go, to portray being a mother of 2!! I am a proud mother of 3 and there isn't much that I'm letting go, not on purpose anyway! I was seething when I read this.
Do some woman not have as much time to take really good care of themselves after they have a baby?.....YES.
Do these people think that mothers want to walk around a few pounds heavier and be told they have let themselves go?....HELL NO!
I would love to meet the person that has coined the phrase "let herself go". I want to know if that person has ever carried a human being in their body for 9 months, has ever had parts of their body turn into an all you can eat buffet.
I'm thinking the answer is no because I'm pretty sure that person has a PENIS!!
I just needed to vent for a minute....
When I was finished with the magazine, I tore this little article out. Brian looked at me and asked why did you do that, I explained what the article was about and said I needed to share this CRAP on my blog. He said "oh lord" and I said yeah that's what all the PENIS people would say!! Then I picked up my utters through them over my shoulder and took my not so toned ass off the plane and vowed to never read this crap again!!


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