Monday, July 28, 2008

Vintage Miami....WHATEVER!!

So I am about 90% ready for this weekend.
Not meaning I've packed anything or gotten things together. I won't be doing that until midnight on Thursday. When we went to Vegas last May, I didn't sleep at all the night before. So I figure why fight it, just pack then!! I'm almost ready because I have finally gotten the outfits together. (I think) We went back out tonight because the dress that I bought yesterday, wasn't so cute once we got home. I'm very excited about our finds tonight and was even more excited when I still liked them when we got home!!

My husband on the other hand, well lets just be honest...he is a pain in my right butt cheek. I asked him all weekend, to go and look at some NICER shorts and polo type shirts and something better than his 3 year old Target flip flops, that he wears FISHING! Did he go, of course not.
Tomorrow I am going to attempt to shop for him, including shoes. And then on Wednesday I will have to return almost everything I buy :)


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