Monday, July 28, 2008

Facing Our Fears!

Hannah politely informed me tonight, on our 2 attempt out to find me something to wear this weekend, (more about that later) that this week she is facing her fears!! What fears might a 6 year beauty have your wondering......shots and riding the red whirly on Wednesday at Six Flags. Tomorrow afternoon Hannah is getting one of her vaccinations. Last year she needed 6 at one time and I needed a bottle of Valium and a stiff drink after we were done. This year I'm hoping it will better, I'm sure the cute, young little nurses that were in there with us, made sure their birth control Rx's were filled that month :)

The red whirly thing (I'm not sure what the name of it is, so we call it the red whirly thing.) Last year Hannah was not able to ride the ride. This year her brothers informed her that she was now tall enough. She looked at me, as if to say, "momma say it ain't so!!" I told her if she did not want to ride it, she didn't have to. I could see the look in her eyes, these boys aren't going to have one up on she is doing the ride.

As we were talking about these things, I realized I'm also facing some of my fears this week.

Jakob is starting REAL football practice tomorrow. What he did a couple of weeks ago was a camp, it was still hard work. But the big boy stuff is about to start!! I'm a lot better about it, it makes it easier to see him enjoying it so much.

Both the boys are bringing a friend to Six Flags on Wednesday. Alex is bringing his friend Schuylar, yes its his girlfriend. I have met her a number of times and she is a great young lady. I have also met both her parents a number of times and they are delightful. Both the kids have been emailing each other all weekend about how excited they are (yes they email and yes I check it).....and then it dawned on me, my boy is going on his sort of "FIRST DATE".

Can I just get the shots instead????

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