Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Baseball

Hannah and maw maw
getting ready to bat!!
waiting for his pitch
getting his signal from his coach and then he hit the HOME RUN!!
he gets a little bored in the out field!!

Jakob waiting to bat!
waiting on third base while the other team changes their pitcher

Spring baseball has been in full swing for us. Both the boys are having great seasons!! Alex's team is in 1st place with 8 wins and 1 lose and Jakob's team is in 3rd place with 6 wins and 2 loses. Every season they just learn more and get better. As most of you heard by now, Alex hit a home run at his game on was one of those hard 1st base hits that just keep going!! It was awesome...he was so proud, some of his team came out and jumped on him. Brian's parents were there to see it(thank you maw maw and paw paw for coming to the games) and Brian and I were in SHOCK. Of course I tried to fight back the tears but it didn't happen. It wasn't an ugly cry just a very proud momma!! It made all the hours we spend at practices and games all worth it!!

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