Monday, April 14, 2008

My Ms. Carol

Kaylee(Carol's daughter), Hannah, Carol, Jakob and Alex
now you see why we all get along so well!!
God knew exactly what he was doing when he had me choose this house. Because he knew that I would need someone close to me that would be a shoulder to cry on, a good listener when I need to complain about my husband and a girlfriend to have a drink with on the porch when its just been that kind of day! And my next door neighbor Carol has been that since the day I moved into my house. We thought that we might be losing her a few months ago and the dark days started but luckily her husband found a new job in Atlanta and it looks like she's staying! When I was taking these pictures I realized that I have never posted any pictures of her. I talk about her all the time and everyone knows of her. So here is MY Ms. Carol(my girlfriend Lena also had a neighbor named Ms. Carol so I would say MY Ms. Carol when ever we talked about our friends next door) My kids adore her, my dogs adore her and I think she's pretty damn cool myself. HAPPY ??th BIRTHDAY GIRL, I LOVE YA!!

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