Thursday, April 23, 2009

109 of 365 memories....the party is still going

Hannah had her "official" birthday party this Sunday at the American Girl Doll store. My girlfriend Rona (who I am FOREVER indebted to) and I braved the waters with 4 little cuties, 4 little cuties American Girl dolls, 2 cameras and a will to survive. Think I'm joking, have you ever been to the American Girl Doll Store? Better yet, have you ever been with 4 little girls and told them they each have " a certain" amount of money to spend? Yeah good luck with that.

Actually it went really good, at some point the girls go into sensory overload. But who can blame them, the dolls, the clothes, the pets, the books, the accessories, the beauty boutique. Oh yes ma'am there is a doll spa. The dolls can get their ears pierced and their hair done. (Have you stopped laughing yet?)

Hannah has a very sweet group of friends and I was very excited that her (very best est) friends could share the day with us.

Thanks again Rona, I couldn't of made it through the fire store without you girl!!

Gracie, Hannah, Hannah and Chloe

here comes her cake!

Happy Birthday to my baby!!


the cuties!

the other cuties :)

those eyes get me every time



I'm just me... said...

They are too cute!!


super cute pics....Chloe had a blast! Thanks a bunch for Honey too! She loves her like a real dog!

Elizabeth said...

You ARE brave.

The things we do for our kids!

She deserves it and you deserve a celebration too. Your baby's growing up!

The Dinsmores said...

It was a pleasure! Thanks again.