Thursday, April 23, 2009

110 of 365 Benadryl?

First I have to say, yes I know it is possibly the WORST picture EVER. But to my defense, I was detoxing. All last week my allergies have been tap dancing on my sinus cavities, the back of my throat and the inside of my ears. Anyone who has allergies understands ever last word of what I just said. The only thing that has been helping was Benadryl, which puts me in a semi comatose state. So this weekend I decided NO MORE. So I went cold turkey and as you can see it wasn't very pretty. Right before my husband snuck up and took this (can I use this in my defense case after I hurt him? Look at Lola behind the chair, she is thinking UM dad I wouldn't do that if I was you!) I had a hot rag on my face trying to relieve the pressure. This week has been a lot better, the rain washed away some of the pollen and I have switched to Claritin D and have been in a lot better mood :) And my husband is thankful for that!!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

You're still cute as a bug.

Even if you are a stuffed up one!

I'm a fellow sufferer. It bites doesn't it.